DIY Wedding Decorations: “Oh the Places We’ve Been” Placemats

2 months ago
Happily Ever Crafter - Oh the Places We’ve Been Placemats
Our rehearsal Dinner place settings.

When we first started planning our wedding, I was set on making EVERYTHING myself…and then I woke up from that dream, lol. Here are things that are actually easy to DIY and will make a memorable visual impact in your overall decor. Be real and ask yourself if you can buy exactly what you want in a store. If you can’t, consider getting it made or making it yourself IF it doesn’t take up too much time! The big day WILL sneak up on you.

I couldn’t find the right placemat that would compliment our dinner settings… so I decided to make my own, with a play on words. 😛 Of course, our “place” mats featured some of the most important places in our lives! Our guests loved them and had fun guessing the locations for each event. 🙂

1. Make a list of memorable moments throughout your relationship. Here are some starters. The more detailed you are, the more personal the finished product will be:

  • Our first kiss at the karaoke bar
  • Where we got engaged
  • Our fave restaurant with the best lobster mac and cheese.
  • One of our first dates when you had to hold my hair up while I puked up my red wine…
  • Where we say I Do!

2. Simply Google the geographical coordinates of each location.

3. Determine the size of your placemat. (I went with 12”x18” but it will depend on the size of your dinner plates.)

Using a digital sketchpad, or on a real one which you can later scan to create a PDF (I use the app called

‘Sketches’ on my iPad), write out all of the memories along with their respective coordinates.

  1. Create a new layer. Using the Ruler tool, draw guidelines of different heights. 
  2. Create another new layer, write out the various memories and their coordinates. Have fun with the position and sizing of your words and numbers. I chose to emphasize words like ‘I Do’, ‘Home’, ‘Carrot Cake’ because I’m cheesy like that. (If you don’t want to handwrite it, feel free to use one of the preset fonts on the app or even on Word! 
  3. Create another layer if you want to add more decorative accents to your writing. I added some florals. 
  4. Remove the layer with the guidelines and save the image!

5. Save your sketch to its appropriate size as PDF, or scan your paper and convert it to PDF.

6. Print on vellum paper (either at home or at your local print shop).

That’s it! Drew and I had fun with this one – it was like taking a walk down memory lane 🙂