Use A Bed Workout To Wake Up!

2 weeks ago

Healthy Twist (S02 E09)

Healthy Twist is a simple and easy lifestyle habits show for the busy woman on the go. Fitness expert, Shana Schneider, shows us how to integrate exercise, movement, and healthy habits throughout the day.

What if you could get in a workout before even getting out of bed? Well you don’t have to just dream about it because I’m going to show you how.

“Healthy Twist” shows you how to make everyday activities and special occasions more fit and fun.

I’m Shana and I spent years helping people find time for fitness where they didn’t think it existed.

Naomi on Facebook asked me, “Is there some sort of bed ab workout to wake you up and start your day off before getting out of bed?”

So, I know it’s hard to get out from under that comforter what’s all nice and warm, but I have five easy moves that you could do right in bed that are targeting your abs, so you’ll feel accomplished before your feet even hit the ground.

Make sure you check with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine.

For this one we want to start with a full body stretch. You wanna stretch out those arms, legs, make some space between those fingers and toes, and roll over onto your stomach and continue that stretch.

From here pull your arms in. We’re gonna do a Cobra Stretch. We’re gonna lift our chest up. We just want to stretch out those abs and start some circulation there before we actually start to use them in some of those exercises.

For our first real exercise we’re gonna do a Forearm Plank. Planks are my favorite because they turn everything on. You want to engage those abs, squeeze those glutes and make sure those shoulders are away from your ears. This really turns on everything in your body. Now you want to hold it for maybe ten seconds, twenty, thirty if you can keep that form.

Our second exercise is Scissor Legs. So to get into this position we want to put our hands below are lower back. Really press that back into the mattress. Then our legs come up. We’re gonna lower one leg bring it up and then lower the other. You really want to feel it in your abs so use your abs to initiate the movement with those legs. For a little bit more of a challenge you could do Criss Cross legs. So you bring one leg over the other as your slowly lowering your legs down and bringing them back up.

For our third exercise we’re going to Bicycle Crunches. You’re gonna bring that knee into the chest and lift your shoulders up off the mattress. Then you’re going to switch: one me in, one knee out. To target that waistline we’re gonna add in a twist. So you’re bringing your elbow towards your knee. Remember you’re focusing on your abs so you want to make sure you’re not putting any extra attention or pull on your neck.

Now we need to sit up we’re gonna do that by doing some roll ups. You want extend those legs, maybe keep a little bend in the knees, and you’re just gonna roll up into a seated position. Make sure to try to keep those legs, especially those heels, down on the mattress.

For our last exercise we’re going to do Seated Spine Twists. We’re gonna extend our arms out from our side and you’re going to twist to one side with a little pulse, and then twist to the other side with a little pulse. So this is a pilates move, some of you might be familiar with but the key to this movement is good posture. And you know I love good posture because it gives you that extra bit of energy during your day.

So you want to aim for twelve maybe twenty four reps of each of these exercises. A rep is equal to: once on the right, once on the left.

Try these exercises. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running in the morning. If you have something you want me to put a “Healthy Twist” on, message me on Facebook or Instagram @fitstylebyshana and use hashtag #guruhub.

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A great way to start your day is with a workout! In this episode, Shana shows us how to get some fitness in before you even leave your bed.

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