Ultimate Guide to Adult Pool Party

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2 months ago
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Summer isn’t for a couple months, but it’s never too late to start planning a pool party! You’re going to need everything from food, drink, DJ, and the most important — decorations.

Get geared up for a summer with our top 10 pool party essentials:

Pool Inflatble
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1. Pool Inflatables

Whale, whale, whale…

You’ll definitely need a pool inflatable to be the Instagram focal point of the party. The swan and flamingo pool floats have been done before, change it up this summer with a whale float. Plus you can get some punny captions with it too, if you catch our drift.

Luxe Float Moby Dick, USD 105, Sunnylife

Colored Glassware
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2. Colored Glassware

You could have regular clear champagne flutes, or be the hostess with the mostest by channeling the vibes of summer with these tri-pastel colored glasses from Urban.

Assorted Color Block Flute Glass, USD 30, Urban Outfitters

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3. Ice Pop Molds

DIY your own ice pops to be an extreme Pinterest party host!

Check out these yummy ice pop recipes to try in the mould:

Fruit Salad Pop Moulds, USD 19, Sunnylife

Tassel Garland
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4. Tassel Garlands

No party is complete without a photo wall. Create your own by throwing up this Ocean Ombre Tassel Garland and some props for a DIY photo booth.

Studio Mucci Ocean Ombre Tassel Garland, USD 35, Urban Outfitters

Pool Floats for your Drinks
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5. Booze Inflatables

Don’t let your drinks feel left of the pool party. Your booze deserves a cruise too with an inflatable drink holder, especially in an iconic summer fruit float.

Inflatable Drink Holder Pineapple, USD 20, Sunnylife

Source: Sunnylife
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6. Waterproof Speaker

If you can’t book a DJ in time, check out Sunnylife’s cute “Beach Sounds” bluetooth speakers. Play the radio, stream your favorite playlist, or control the aux and not have to worry about the tunes stopping, because this bad boy is splash resistant!

Beach Sounds, USD 50, Sunnylife

Source: Amazon / Play Platoon
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7. Pool Pong

Take every parties most loved drinking game to the water. You get to dictate distance for some long trick shots or create some waves to mess up your opponents.

H2PONG, USD 18.95, Play Platoon

Cactoss Inflatable
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8. Pool Activities

The Sunnylife Cactoss pool float is not only a fun pool activity, but doubles as trendy deco piece.

Inflatable Cactoss, USD 25, Sunnylife

Ice Luge
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9. Ice Luge

No need for ordering a giant ice luge in advanced from some sketchy company you found on Yelp and make time during your party set up to pick it up. Freeze your own ice luge overnight and for even more fun get two so your guests can race.

Party Ice Luge, USD 16, Urban Outfitters

Source: Sunnylife
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10. Piñata

When was the last time you went to a party with a pinata? It was the best birthday party activity when we were kids, but faded away as we got through middle and high school. Bring that baby back with a summer shape like a watermelon or pineapple.

Watermelon Pinata, USD 28 , Sunnylife