Top 20 Favorites From the Urban Outfitters Home Section

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2 months ago
Source- Unsplash _ Grovemade
Source: Unsplash / Grovemade

Urban Outfitters home is definitely one our guilty pleasures for all things apartment and home decor. They come out with such a unique mix of bohemian and modern decor items that we absolutely love! Check out our top 20 favorites for their new Spring and Summer collections.

Source: Urban Outfitters
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1. Leni Leaning Mirror

We love the functionality of this Leni Leaning Mirror! It’s not only a mirror, but doubles as an industrial element and a storage rack for bags and accessories. We recommend placing this by your bedroom door or in your entryway so you can check out your OOTD before you head out!

Source: Urban Outfitters
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2. Wire Loop Vanity

Feel elegant AF with this dainty Wire Loop Vanity. The copper hardware and glass table top are giving us old Hollywood vibes with a chic twist.

Vase Trio
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3. Serafina Assorted Vase Trio

These long-stemmed vases are a different way to keep fresh flowers in the home. They mimic chemistry beakers and flasks for some “Break Bad” vibes.

Knit Throw Pillow
Source: Urban Outfitters
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4. Pendleton Crater Lake Knit Throw Pillow

We love these pillow for their color theory! They’re serving us mid-century vibes and the knitting will add a different texture to your couch or bed.

Rose Bottle Pool Float
Source: Urban Outfitters
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5. Rosè Bottle Pool Float

This one is for those who follow the mantra “rosè is bae.” Be the center of attention at this years pool party with this pool float form of your favorite alcohol.

Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Modular Lighting System Kit
Source: Urban Outfitters
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6. Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Modular Lighting System Kit

Take a few steps closer to having a smart home with the Nanoleaf Aurora Smarter Modular Lighting System. The kit comes with 9 color changing LED panels that you can customize into your own design.

Margarita Coffee Table
Source: Urban Outfitters
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7. Margarita Coffee Table

We’re getting strong flower power vibes from this metallic Margarita Coffee Table. Achieve ultimate chic mid-century goals!

Keith Haring Removable Wallpaper Tile
Source: Urban Outfitters
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8. Keith Haring Removable Wallpaper Tile

If you can’t commit to a paint color try wallpaper! This Keith Haring Removable Wallpaper Tile is a fun way to make a statement and when you’re bored of it you can peel it off.

Faux Fur Pillow
Source: Urban Outfitters
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9. Jacquard Faux Fur Ball Pillow

This faux fur throw pillow is our fave because it reminds us of our fur babies. Perfect for those who live in residences that don’t allow pets but are still missing theirs.

Kombucha Kit
Source: Urban Outfitters
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10. Kombucha Kit

Kombucha is one of the hottest health trends for early 2018. The drink is made of fermented sweet tea with added yeast and good bacterias. Brew your own at home with Urban Outfitters Kombucha Kit that comes complete with spigot, BPA free canister, and book full of recipe ideas.

Check out our favorite kombucha recipes:

Anders Wall Sconce Accessory
Source: Urban Outfitters
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11. Anders Wall Sconce Accessory

Exposed lighting fixtures are a nice way to add a touch of industrial flair to a room. Fair warning the bulb and cord are not included with the sconces, but we got you covered.

3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser
Source: Urban Outfitters
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12. 3D LED Gala Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils and aromatherapy, in general, have been an increasing trend over the past couple of years. Why not diffuse your favorite scents in holographic orb like the modern witch you are.

Bamboo Beaded Curtain
Source: Urban Outfitters
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13. Bamboo Beaded Curtain

Boho decor is coming back with this recent trend in 70’s fashion and color pallets! Think organic fabrics, earth tones and materials, and lots of plant friends. We saw this slightly with the huge popularity of tapestries over the past couple of years. In addition to that, we are seeing beaded curtains in doorways and in front of windows everywhere.

Igloo Mini Refrigerator
Source: Urban Outfitters
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14. Igloo Mini Refrigerator

Make your childhood dream of having a refrigerator in your room a reality. Plus, this Igloo Mini Refrigerator has a bottle opener on the side so you can have a brew in bed.

Industrial Storage Dresser
Source: Urban Outfitters
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15. Industrial Storage Dresser

This Industrial Storage Dresser is one of our favorite because of how much storage you get! You can use it for clothes, tools, makeup and pretty much anything you want and will give a hint of industrial and vintage feels in a room.

Sudski Shower Beer Holder
Source: Urban Outfitters
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16. Sudski Shower Beer Holder

Beer, soda, juice, whatever beverage your heart desires you can now have in the shower. The Sudski beer holder is here to solve the problem of having a brew handy while you’re in the shower. WARNING: Do not use with glass cups and bottles. Seriously, we warned you.

Hamilton Wood Media Console
Source: Urban Outfitters
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17. Hamilton Wood Media Console

With this Mid-Century madness decor craze going on, this Hamilton Wood Media Console would be perfect addition to your living space.

Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack
Source: Urban Outfitters
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18. Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack

If you don’t have the space for an entire media console to store records, try out this Corner Store Vinyl Storage Rack. The organizers will look vintage in your space and you’ll achieve ultimate record store vibes.

Dreamy Jungle Shower Curtain
Source: Urban Outfitters
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19. Dreamy Jungle Shower Curtain

As we’re rolling into spring and summer why not give your shower curtain an update with a Dreamy Jungle Shower Curtain. Hopefully, the palm prints will make it feel like your showering under a waterfall and not stuck at home!

Tenley Rattan Swing Chair
Source: Urban Outfitters
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20. Tenley Rattan Swing Chair

The Tenley Rattan Swing Chair is a great piece to add to element of bohemian chicness to any space. Try adding a shag rug or a throw pillow for some extra coziness.

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