The 10 Most Instagram-able Ice Cream Spots in the U.S.

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5 months ago
Ice Cream Hero
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for (insta pics of our) ICE CREAM!

The United States is not only the land of opportunity for people but for foodies and dessert enthusiast everywhere. It’s home to some of the most innovative and picturesque dessert spots in the world. Get your Instagram’s ready, because these specialty ice cream shops will boost your social media and have your followers wanting more.

Somisomi - Los Angeles, CA
Source: Instagram / @SOMISOMIICECREAM
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1. Somisomi

Somisomi creates their ice cream interpretation of Japanese red bean bun, Taiyaki. Taiyaki, or “Ah-Boong” in Korean, is soft serve ice cream and filing in a handcrafted to-order waffle cone shaped like a fish.

You start with your choice of Nutella, custard, or traditional red bean to fill the tail. Next, you get to choose between milk, ube, matcha, and black sesame flavored soft serve— or a swirl of two flavors if that tickles your ice cream fancy. Last but certainly not least, you get to finish it off with a selection of toppings to add that extra OOMF to your Insta pics.

621 S Western Avenue Suite 208-A

Los Angeles, California

Caudron Ice Cream
Source: Instagram / @NOTWITHOUTCOFFEE
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2. Cauldron Ice Cream

Home to the “OG Puffle” cone!

Cauldron Ice Cream originated in Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. Their ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen and frozen to order. You can request for your ice cream to be scooped into the shape of a rose and will definitely bump up your like to follower ratio!

1421 W MacArthur Blvd F

Santa Ana, California

Lick Honest Ice Cream
Source: Instagram / @SHELBYSORREL
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3. Lick Honest Ice Creams

Located in the Lone Star State in Central Texas, Lick Honest Ice Cream is handcrafted ice cream from local and all natural ingredients. So your ice cream is straight from the farm to spoon.

Lick sells their homemade ice cream in pints and available online to order. Not only is the packaging of their pints Instagram worthy but their perfect little spherical scoops in front of their color-blocked walls will be something you want to share with all your followers.

1100 S Lamar BlvdSte 1135

Austin, Texas

Amorino Gelato
Source: Instagram / @JESSCHAMILTON
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4. Amorino Gelato

Gelato or the fancier and gourmet version of ice cream. Amorino Gelato is hand-scooped and crafted into the shape of a flower with your choice of one or more flavors, perfect for a post worthy food picture!

Amorino Gelato is an authentic Italian gelato franchise that is widely available across the U.S. in large cities like Chicago, Beverly Hills, and much more. Not only are they located in the United States they are also a global phenomenon and have shops in; France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and South Korea.

838 N. State St.

Chicago, Illinois


Azucar Ice Cream
Source: Instagram / @HOPEFULOUTSIDER
5 / 10

5. Azucar Ice Cream

There’s no place better for ice cream and sorbet than warm and sunny Miami, Florida! The shop front has a picturesque tile mosaic for a perfect aerial shot of your sweet treats!

Located in the heart of the Spanish neighborhood, Little Havana, Azucar Ice Cream is artisanal ice cream and sorbets flavors that are inspired by their Cuban roots. Some of their unique flavors include Cafè Con Leche which is coffee and Oreos or Cuatros Leches which is four separate types of milk.

503 SW 8th St

Miami, Florida

Churn Ice Cream
Source: Instagram / @CHURNICECREAM
6 / 10

6. Churn

Nothing like a frozen dessert to beat the heat of the high temperatures of the desert! Churn Ice Cream originated in Phoenix, Arizona and has over 30+ flavors of ice creams that are in their rotation. Their shop has an old-school malt shop vibe with their ice cream casings and fixtures.

5223 N. Central Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona

Milk Bar East Village
Sourcd: Instagram / @LAELTITIA_MERELOVE
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7. Milk Bar East Village

The Milk Bar is known being a transformative e-commerce bakery that sells artisanal cookies, gourmet cakes, their take on milkshakes called “Milkquakes” and don’t forget the most important their cereal milk soft serve. The Milk Bar’s iconic flagship store in NYC, but they also have a store in DC, on the west coast in Las Vegas, NV, and for our Northern friends in Toronto. Their unique milk soft serve is accented with a variety of toppings to make your Instagram post pop on your followers feed!

251 E 13th Street

New York, New York

8 / 10

8. Pintago

Go shawty it’s sherbert-day!

Pitango creates wholesome gelato and sorbet out of simple and organic ingredients. They pride themselves on keepin’ it to the basics by not making outrageous flavors or adding crazy amounts of toppings. The creamy scoops of gelato and sorbets will look be a nice pop of color on any Insta theme.

413 7th St NW

Washington, DC

Franklin Fountain
Source: Instagram / @ALEXRATHPEEPS
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9. Franklin Fountain

The Franklin Fountain ice cream saloon and soda fountain is a 1900’s inspired novelty shop. All of their soda and ice cream is made in-house from locally sourced and wholesome ingredients.

You can get your ice cream in a cone, in a special Franklin Ice Cream box inspired by Chinese Takeout, or in an old-school glass ice cream dish. The main Instagram worthy factor of the Franklin Fountain is the vintage aesthetic of the shop itself, perfect for trendy food pictures and selfies!

116 Market St

Philadelphia, PA

Old City

Molly Moons Homemade Ice Cream
Source: Instagram / @MOLLYMOONICECREAM
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10. Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

Holy moly, Molly Moon!

Molly Moon’s Homemade ice cream is made in-house with the most exquisite local ingredients in all of Seattle, WA. Not only are they known for their Instagram-able rustic shops and mint blue ice cream carts and trucks; but their mission is to bring together and give back to their community in Seattle.

Now that’s worth sharing!


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