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There is a stigma that usually comes with traveling, that is that it can be super expensive. If you are on a budget, don’t even think about staying anywhere nice. You are going to stay at crappy hostels with smelly strangers or in run-down motels.

Well throw that mindset out the door because with today’s technology, Airbnb has made it more accessible and affordable to travel. Now you can plan on visiting the most beautiful places in the world and not have to sacrifice luxurious accommodations. Honestly, Airbnb’s website interface, filter, and sort options make it possible to find homes up to par with your comfort standards and for cheap.

Here are our favorite luxurious yet inexpensive Airbnb’s that range from USD 50 – 250:

Bali, Indonesia
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1. Bali, Indonesia — USD 139 Per Night

Get an entire Villa to yourself or to share for only USD 139 per night. You heard me only USD 139 in the beautiful tropical country of Bali, Indonesia that has impressive temples and beaches you need to visit at least once in your life. The villa includes highlights such as private butler and bartender upon request, free breakfast, outdoor showers and eating areas, and private pool all for that low low.

Tami Private Cove, Philippines
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2. Tami Private Cove, Philippines — USD 107 Per Night

Everyone wanderlust traveler has always dreamed of owning their own or staying on their own private island. The average price for an Airbnb in the Philippines runs on average for USD 54 and for double that you can have your very own private island.

Tami private cove in the Philippines is only USD 107 a night, or if you want to stay for a full seven nights, it will total out to be USD 749, which comes to about USD 62 per person for the whole trip. (Before taxes and fees — obviously). Which is crazy, because on average a plane ticket to the Philippines ranges from USD 700-800. Renting a private island would be cheaper than the cost even to get there.

Amenities include 3 luxurious cottages with modern bathrooms in each, modern kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and Mykonos style pool and sun deck. For additional charges, you can have a chef for roughly USD 12 a day or a nanny USD 5 a day for the duration of your stay. In your private cove, you have access to your own beach where you can swim, snorkel, kayak, and explore caves. To make these deal even more magical, fireflies appear on the property every night to make your Snapchat stories lit— literally.

Vittorio Veneto, Italy
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3. Vittorio Veneto, Italy — USD 204 Per Night

Live like the royal highness you are in your own medieval castle for USD 204 a night. Fulfill your childhood dream to be a princess or knights in the central tower of Castrum of Serravalle, in Vittorio Veneto, Italy!

The space mimics a standard apartment with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, and can sleep up to four guests but the sheer location and grandeur of being a historic castle make this Airbnb luxurious. Guest also have access to onsite gardens and solarium with sunbathing areas. There are only a select few that can offer staying in a castle, but at this affordable price now that’s extremely rare.

Noosa North Shore, Australia
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4. Noosa North Shore, Australia — USD 206 Per Night

Visit the land down under while staying under your travel budget!

Get the entire 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths private home that sleeps 10 for only USD 206 per night or for 10 people about USD 20 each per night. The Sanctuary includes an on-site tennis court, leisure center with billiards table, swimming pool and hot tub, and designated childrens playroom. Additionally, the estate is only short swim or drive the shopping district Noosa, Hastings Street that is full of restaurants, cafe, boutiques, and bars.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
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5. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico — USD 205 Per Night

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico home to white sand beaches, colorful coral reefs, Muyil ruins, and Xcaret Eco-archeological Park with attractions for adventure seekers.

This 14 bed, 6 bedroom, and 5.5 baths luxe villa with 24 hour gated security runs for USD 205 and can sleep large parties of 16 guests. (Or USD 12 per person a night.) The property includes swimming pool, hot tub, trampoline, hammocks on the patios of the first and second floor, and is a quick 5-minute walk from the beach.

Monteprandone, Marche, Italy
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6. Monteprandone, Marche, Italy — USD 70 Per Night

While you’re exploring the beautiful countrysides of Italy and eating fantastic food how about another affordable castle to stay in during your travels. For USD 70 your villa with pool and hot tub has 13 bedrooms, 19 baths, 50 beds, billiards table, and a well-equipped gym. Even better the property is advertised as only being a 5 min drive from the Adriatic sea. The estate is perfect for hosting large events and wedding for its picturesque architecture and abundance of al fresco dining areas.

Loosdretch, Netherlands
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7. Loosdrecht, Netherlands — USD 71 Per Night

Stay in a beautiful country house that dates back to 1907 as you explore everything the Netherlands has to offer for only USD 71 a night. The 6 bedroom and 3.5 bath home include BBQ, private tennis court, infrared sauna, steam showers, shuttle service.

There are many restaurants, bars, and shopping options a 5-10 minute drive if you wanted to stay in town, but Amsterdam is only a 20-minute drive if you wanted to explore the iconic city.

Medellin, Colombia
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8. Medellin, Colombia — USD 205 Per Night

Live luxurious in an entire penthouse suite while you visit the Parque Explora aquarium in Medellin, explore beaches, and maybe check out the country’s National Coffee Amusement Park.

The Parque Lleras sleeps 16 for USD 12 a person before fees and taxes or for a total of USD 205 per night. The 5 bedroom and 6 bath penthouse apartment includes a jacuzzi, gourmet kitchen, BBQ, dining and lounge terraces, and modern furnishing to give you a taste of the good life while traveling. Your rental also includes daily maid service, and for an extra fee, you can book the maid to cook and have a concierge service upon request.

Alfriston, England
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9. Alfriston, England — USD 29 Per Night

We are definitely getting Wuthering Heights vibes from this cute and quaint East Sussex house. The luxurious property is a quiet getaway from the bustling big cities like Brighton, London, or from the craziness of your travels. The Dene as the host calls the estate has 7 bedrooms, 3 baths, conservatory, spacious indoor and outdoor dining areas and for USD 29 a night that’s a steal!

Paris, France
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10. Paris, France — USD 178 Per Night

Paris, France oh ya know the world destination of love… and love for croissants! This boutique studio apartment has one bed, shower, and a magnificent bathtub makes the perfect getaway for lovers and honeymooners. There are so many places you can stay in Paris, but not all them are a 30-second walking distance from the Eiffel Tower.

Makes for a trendy and modern, yet an inexpensive trip to Paris!

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