Short Nails Can Have Fun Too!

2 weeks ago

Nail Apparel (S02 E05)

Nail Apparel shows you how to pair your best #ootd with the latest nail art trend. From rocker ombre to classic plaid, Julie breaks down step-by-step nail tutorials as well as the best outfits to compliment your look.

Tell me this don’t look good on short nails.

That’s what I thought.

Welcome back to “Nail Apparel,” only on GuruHub, where nails are the main accessory here.

So I got asked a question on Instagram from @tniquejonesbell, and she asks how you could make nail art look good on short nails. Because I’m so dedicated to the craft, I’m actually going to chop my nails off for you so you could see how good they look on short nails.

Just do it? Just go for it?


It’s fine. Everything’s fine. It’s all done.

So all I’m gonna need for this look is a base coat, top coat and then, if you want to look really like marble, you’re going to need a sheer white color, a stark white color and then like a nude brown gray color.

So I’m gonna start by painting my base coat on all of my nails to protect them from any staining and make sure that the polish adheres well.

So what’s really great about this look is that you don’t need any tools. You don’t need a paintbrush or anything. You’re just gonna use the brushes from the bottle. The only thing a little bit challenging about this is to make sure your timing is right. So, in order to make sure our nail polish doesn’t dry too fast, we’re going to do each nail one at a time and I’m going to untwist the top of each bottle so that it’s open and ready to go.

So I’m going to take my stark white first. This is a really opaque white. I’m just going to put some lines of it on my nail, in little random spots.

Then I’m quickly going to take a very small amount of this grey brown and put it’s a tiny little lines around it.

Then, before it has a chance to dry, grab a nice big glob of your sheer white and you’re literally just going to swirl it on top of the colors you just put down. Just keep working it until you see that stark white kind of spread out and that gray starts to fade in and you want to make sure you cover the whole nail so that you don’t have any…naked nail spots.

And that’s it!

So it does take a little bit longer to dry but it’s worth it. And then, when it’s done, just paint a little bit of top coat on. Seal it all together and you have your marble nails.

It’s, very Beverly Hills, like, “I’m too scared to try nail art, but this is okay.” It’s like super subtle.

They may be short, but they are super cute. They remind me of like nature at its finest.

Oh my God! Let’s go rock climbing!

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See you next time. Yeah.

In this week’s Nail Apparel Julie shows us how to create nail art that compliments short nails! Julie cuts her own nails for the people to show us how to create a marbled look that gives your nails length and texture.

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