Shhh! The Best Vacation Spots for Peace and Quiet

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Vacationing in a big city can be exciting, but not necessarily the most relaxing. Between museums, shopping trips, restaurants, and the hustle and bustle of crowds at tourist sites, you can end up feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation.

If you’re looking for a holiday that offers rest, relaxation, peace, and quiet, escaping from cities is the way to go. Check out these charming spots far away from everything, including your cares.

1. A Log Cabin in Colorado
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A Log Cabin in Colorado

Nothing says “quiet” quite like a log cabin in a secluded spot. Tucked in the hills of Hamilton, Colorado is this gorgeous log cabin. The rolling hills and winding river give it a feeling of tranquility.

As if that weren’t enough of an escape, the cabin has no internet and no television. This is truly a place to get away from it all.

2. A Cottage in Spain
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A Cottage in Spain

While log cabins capture the serenity of North America, stone cottages provide that same sense of peace in Europe. This beautiful stone cottage is at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. Tucked away in this secluded spot, you’ll feel as if you’re one with nature since the cottage was designed to blend into its natural surroundings.

If you’re looking for a true getaway, the cottage is also in a remote location. Rather than being part of mainland Spain, it’s located on the island of Mallorca.

3. A Cabin in Alaska
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A Cabin in Alaska

One word perfectly describes this cozy Alaskan cabin: solitude. At a population of only just over 32,000, Fairbanks, Alaska is already far from the rush of city living, and this cabin is far from the reaches of its busiest parts. With a stunning view of the Alaskan countryside, it’s the perfect place to escape.

This kind of quiet isn’t for everyone, though. The cabin is a dry one, meaning no running water or indoor bathroom. Escaping the modern world sometimes means escaping its amenities; however, the cabin can, at the right times of the year, offer a view of the northern lights, so the sacrifice isn’t without rewards.

4. A House in Greenland
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A House in Greenland

If you really want an escape, head to one of the remotest parts of the world – Greenland. Greenland only gets around 50,000 visitors a year, and with a total population of just under 60,000, “crowded” isn’t in Greenland’s vocabulary.

This guest house overlooks the ocean. With not a lot of people around and accommodations on the edge of a vast and silent ocean, you couldn’t ask for a quieter spot.

5. A Private Island in the Philippines
Source: Airbnb / Alfred Lee
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A Private Island in the Philippines

If escape means getting away from absolutely everyone, head to this private island retreat. Located in the province of Palawan (which is made up of a series of small islands), the location is a tropical dream.

The island accepts no other tourists when you book it, so you’ll be truly alone. Minus whoever you go with and the staff to take care of you, there’s nothing but beach, ocean, and quiet.

6. An Eco Lodge in Kenya
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An Eco Lodge in Kenya

Also on an island is this eco-lodge, designed to be environmentally friendly, with solar-powered lights and water heater and non-polluting waterless toilets. You know a place is remote when the only ways to get there are either on foot or by donkey.

Tucked away in a sand dune, this is truly a tranquil spot. You can also enjoy the mangoes, coconuts, tamarinds, and cashews that grow on the property.

7. A Yacht in Sydney
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A Yacht in Sydney

On a yacht, getting away is as easy as pulling up the anchor. This luxury yacht in Sydney lets you do just that.

Whether you’re sailing the harbor, diving off the deck, or eating a locally-sourced meal from the yacht’s private chef, the only noise you’ll have to deal with is the lapping of the waves and the gentle and soothing hum of the engine.

8. A Farm in the Australian Outback
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A Farm in the Australian Outback

If you’re looking to escape, how do 600 acres of private land sound? These cabins in a remote part of the Australian Outback sit on a large swath of privately-owned land, guaranteeing seclusion. You also need to travel 80 miles on a dirt road to get there.

Once you’re there, though, you’ll have a truly unbeatable place to see the stars, far from the city lights. During the day, you can wander the remains of an old movie set that is on the property.

9. A Home Outside a Ghost Town
Source: Airbnb / Carmen
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A Home Outside a Ghost Town

What could be quieter than a town that’s totally deserted? Terlingua, Texas was a mining town that went bust. The miners who lived there left, leaving not only their homes behind but an entire town of decaying but picturesque buildings. There’s since been a revitalization, but the town’s residents are still only in the dozens.

This small house is nearby. If the town is still too much for you, it’s also close to two other quiet spots – national parks Big Bend and Big Bend Ranch State.

10. An Abbey in the Scottish Highlands
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An Abbey in the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are famed for their majestic landscape, and this former abbey is nestled away at the southern end of famous lake Loch Ness. It’s surrounded on three sides by water, which gives it a lot of privacy.

The accommodation itself is known as the Scriptorium because it was once the secret writing room of the monastery. Unlike other rooms there, it’s completely detached from all the other apartments in the Abbey.

11. A Campsite in Western Mongolia
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A Campsite in Western Mongolia

Camping allows you to visit locations off the beaten path that you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to see. The Altai Mountain range in Western Mongolia has stunning snow-capped mountains, majestic lakes and rivers, and even glaciers.

This isn’t just a campsite, but a guided tour with a translator. Travel by horse and camel to set up a base camp near the Potanin glacier, the longest glacier in Mongolia.

12. A Yurt on a River
Source: Airbnb / Ricardo
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A Yurt on a River

Yurts are circular dwellings and their construction alone is meant to evoke a sense of zen. Combine that with the fact that they’re generally standalone dwellings out in nature, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a peaceful experience.

This yurt has all the luxuries of a modern home, but with the benefits of a camping feel. The porch is the perfect place to sit, relax and listen to the babbling sounds of the river.

13. A Villa on a Vineyard
Source: Airbnb / Anna
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A Villa on a Vineyard

Vineyards combine the peaceful feel of nature with the organization of cultivation. Have a glass of wine and take in the scenery in this picturesque ivy-covered villa.

Sitting in the midst of a working villa, it’s a gorgeous romantic escape. It offers both seclusion and sophistication.

14. A Bungalow on the Beach
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A Bungalow on the Beach

Escape to this bungalow on a beach in Honduras. The jungle on one side and beach on the other gives it the sense of privacy you’re looking for from a beach escape.

The 400-ft private dock also gives you a chance to do one of the most peaceful activities in the world – diving. Experience the silence of being underwater while being only steps from your home.

15. A Cottage on an Island
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A Cottage on an Island

Cottage country already offers seclusion, with most cottages being tucked in the woods. This home goes a step further, however, and is on its own private island, accessible by boat.

Located on the beautiful Muskoka Lakes in Canada, it shows the best of what Muskoka has to offer – luscious greenery on a scenic lake. The island even has its own private beach.


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