Road Trip Fitness Tips & Tricks

3 weeks ago

Healthy Twist (S02 E10)

Healthy Twist is a simple and easy lifestyle habits show for the busy woman on the go. Fitness expert, Shana Schneider, shows us how to integrate exercise, movement, and healthy habits throughout the day.

I’ve got my bags pack so i’m ready for a road trip! Beep, beep! Healthy Twist shows you how to make everyday activities and special occasions more fit and fun i’m Shana and I spent years finding time for fitness where you didn’t think it existed. N ow on this episode of Healthy Twist Eileen on facebook asked, “Do you have some ideas for a long car ride as the passenger of course!” One of my favorite destinations is Montreal and from where I lived that’s a good six hour road trip so I have some really great tips for how to bring fitness into those long car rides so that way when you make it to that destination you don’t have a case of road rage. Before you even start driving you want to check your seat position and their three key things that you want to look for number one make sure you have enough room between your knees and the seat so you might need to push that seat back a little bit number two you want to make sure that your hips are actually in line with your knees so you might need a little boost you could always order one online or you can just grab a throw pillow from your couch which is typically what i’ll do also check the back of your seat you want to make sure it’s not inclined more than about thirty degrees because we don’t need any low riders here you can just extend it back if you’re taking a nap or something like that. So on road trips I’m either hot or cold, so I always like to bring along a sweater and what’s great about the sweaters that you could also use it to work those inner thighs, you just take it off, ball it up, put it between your knees, squeeze home for a count of like three and then released and just repeat is also a great time to work those abs. So a couple easy exercises to do, first one pelvic tilts. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna inhale, engage those abs and you’re gonna press your lower back into the seat, then is your release. You’re going to arch your lower back, so you get that space. So this is kind of like a cat cow if you’ve done that kind of exercise before and you’re just going to repeat and the last in our ab series, which I think you’ll find it a little bit of the surprise and it’s, probably my favorite is actually singing and you need to really belt it out longer you hold those notes, the more your abs actually have to work, so make sure you include some of those really big anthem songs in your playlist my favorites, of course, little Whitney Houston and I– no, i’m not even gonna go there and by the way, singing helps release endorphins, which are those feel good hormones. So that way, you feel happier, a little more relaxed while you’re in the car. Speaking of relaxing, another great thing to do is to just roll it out so you’re gonna actually stretch your neck by rolling your head side to side and your roll out those shoulders, those wrists and those ankles when you stopped to get gas, make sure you get out, walk around stretch, but try to avoid the market. Really, this is a key thing. Pack your own snacks, because that way you can control the amount the size, and this is a little secret that i have. You wanna pack snacks there a little bit hard to eat, so something like fruits that you have to peel and you want to make sure that you keep everything in individually sized, packets, so don’t go and put that whole bag of potato chips by your feet. You want to make sure you pre packed until those little individually sized things and then put the rest in the trunk so that way you have to get out and stretch your legs before you get that additional snack. That’s your healthy twist on a road trip if you have something you want me to put a healthy twist on, message me on facebook or instagram at fitstyle by Shana and make sure to use the hashtag guru hub stay tuned for more healthy twist with me, shana only here on guru hub.

Road trips are a quintessential part of summer! Although they do tend to lead you astray from your healthy eating habits and workout routine. In this episode, Shana is here to help you put a Healthy Twist on those long road trips so you can keep working on that summer beach bod!

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