Put a Healthy Twist on Your Mother’s Day Celebration

2 months ago
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Mother’s Day… it’s when we celebrate that amazing lady who has put you above herself time and time again and someone you can count on over everyone else. So, do something fit and fun for your mom this year to show how much you care about her.

It’s the thought that counts and time spent on Mother’s Day doesn’t just have to be at brunch!

Try out one of these gift ideas that puts her health and wellness front and center (will work for any budget):

Go to Her Favorite Fitness Class
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Go to Her Favorite Fitness Class

You know she’s been saying how amazing that Zumba or Yoga class is. Well, now’s the perfect time to check it out with her. Coordinate a date and time to go to a class together and consider getting her a gift certificate to her favorite gym or studio, so she can get some new gear or take a few more classes.

Take a Walk Together
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Take a Walk Together

Simply take a walk with your mom. Sometimes the best gifts are free. Plan a route around the neighborhood or find a trail nearby. You can even get your mom a new fitness tracker or an accessory to the one she already has, so she can count those steps… and make sure to offer help to set up the device if she needs it!a

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Make Homemade Bath Salts

A warm bath with scented salts can help relax any frazzled mom. Making homemade bath salts is a DIY project anyone can do. You just need epsom and sea salts, baking soda and essential oils. Make it look even fancier by adding in some dried flower petals. Put your mix in a simple mason jar and it’s good to go!

Create a breakfast bar
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Create a Breakfast Bar

Food does bring everyone together, but instead of having to go out, make a healthy and fun breakfast for her by creating a yogurt bar. All you need is some plain yogurt, fresh fruits, nuts and for an extra personal touch, make granola from scratch for some crunch!

Do an art project together
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Do an Art Project Together

Find a paint nite or clay studio where you can get creative together. If you’ve aged into the friends phase of being with your mom, you can appreciate having a glass of wine or two as you’re creating your masterpieces. The important part of this gift is that you don’t do it at home, so that there isn’t a mess for anyone to clean up afterwards. Plus you have a gift you can both take home to commemorate your time together!

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