Pretty In Polka Dots

2 weeks ago

Fresh Threads (S02 E10)

Urban designer fashion meets thrift shopping – Fresh Threads is an edgy fashion show hosted by Eda Semana. A lifelong budget shopper, Eda uses consignment shops to make it look like she spent a million bucks on the latest Instagram trends…when she really spent $6.99.

Hi, guys! It’s Eda and you’re watching “Fresh Threads” on GuruHub.

Today we’re talking about a print that I am all too obsessed with and that’s polka dots.

To be honest, I was never really fan until now. They were all over the spring and summer runways and they’ve definitely grown on me. They’re quirky, girly, yet timeless and vintage, all at the same time.

So I have put together three stylish polka dot outfits for you guys but, before we get started, our question of the day comes from my @maimainess and she asked, “What do you consider a ‘deal’ when you thrift? Do you have a certain spending limit on each item?”

When I thrift, I never want to spend anything more than ten dollars on a piece. I usually go to spots like Goodwill or Savers where everything ranges from a dollar to ten dollars at the very most. If I have to spend ten dollars or more on anything I have to make sure it’s 1) of really good quality, it has to be new, if anything. 2) It’s a big brand or designer name. Vintage is okay as well. 3) it has to be super unique and nothing that I’ve seen at retail stores before. 4) if the original price is two hundred dollars, for example, and I’m getting the item for fifty percent off or more, then I’m definitely buying it.

Alright, so with that being said let’s, go ahead and head out and let’s go out shopping!

Outfit #1 is just your very timeless in classic polka dot dress. The deep “V” elongates the torso making longer and leaner. Plus the flowy sleaves give the dress more of an elegant touch. I styled it with sneakers to tone down the girlishness, plus it also gives him more of a laidback, cool girl vibe. This dress is perfect for a summer picnic. The dress was twenty four dollars.

Outfit #2 embraces all the girly-girl vibes that polka dots have to offer. It’s flowy, off the shoulder, and also features a halter around the neck. The sleeves spill out towards the end and the tie details make it unique. I also paired it with nude heels to elongate my legs as well. The dresses made out of satin, so it’s so fancy. This is perfect for a girls night out, or a romantic dinner date. The dress is thirty seven dollars.

Outfit #3 is definitely for the edgy and fashion forward. I’m wearing another off the shoulder dress but paired it with a leather vest to toughen up the look. I wore a belt around the waist so that my body wouldn’t get lost in the oversized jacket. I also wore it with a matching polka dot headband to add a more fun and quirky detail to the outfit. The dress was eighteen fifty.

So what do you guys think about the polka dot trend? Let me know in the comments down below and if you guys have any more questions please feel free to reach me on any of my socials using the hashtag #guruhub.

As always, I encourage you guys to check out your local thrift stores and find some “Fresh Threads” of your own.

And I’ll see you guys in the next one! Bye.

Fresh Threads is an edgy fashion show where urban fashion design meets thrift shopping. Polka dots are a fashion staple, and its a guarantee that they’ll always be around. This week Eda shows us how polka dots can be both playful and classic giving any outfit a feminine vibe.

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