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We’ve all been there where you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or deep into the explore page see a picture with crystal blue water and thousands of likes. But instead of being jealous, get inspired to travel this year by your Instagramfeed!

Here’s where to travel this year from the most tagged countries to the most Instagrammed activities, sights and eateries!

New York, New York
Source: Instagram / @ALEENG652
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New York, New York

New York is a widely popular travel destination for its history, nightlife, wide array of restaurants, eateries, and activities that the city is home too. For 2017 the city estimated 6.1 billion visitors to their city and will only increase with the years to come, which makes sense as to why they have landed on one of the most geotagged cities on Instagram.

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Disneyland, Anahiem CA
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Anaheim, California

This is a no brainer as to why it’s one of the most geotagged places on Instagram, because it is home to infamous “Happiest Place on Earth!” The Disneyland Resort and California Adventure theme parks receive millions of people a year and surely at least half of them are posting about their trip to Toon Town and Fantasyland. There are other things to do in Anaheim if you aren’t down for a day at Disney.

Check out these extremely Instagrammed things to do in Anaheim:

Paris, France
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Paris, France

Oh, Paris! The world-renowned detestation for lovers and is a city of opportunity for getting beautiful Instagram pics. The timeless architecture and charismatic culture put this city on the most geotagged map!

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Source: Instagram / @HITYLERR
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Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has rightfully made the list as one of the most tagged cities in the world. The city is filled with amazing shows, endless nightlife, street walkers performers, neon lights, and Instagram-worthy picture opportunities.

Check out these extremely Instagrammed things to do in Las Vegas:

Jakarta, Indonesia
Source: Instagram / @THEEXECUTIVECENT
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Jakarta, Indonesia

Tourism in Indonesia has seen an upward slope in the last five years, which is why Jakarta landed number 8 on the most tagged cities list on Instagram. (Hopping up from 10th in 2016.) The city itself isn’t as picturesque as Paris, but there are some gem locations for pictures like their take on Disneyland, Dunia Fantasi or the Sky Lounge that overlooks the metropolis. Plus their population sure does to post!

Check out these extremely Instagrammed things to do in Jakarta:

Source: Instagram / @JERARD34
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, the “City of Gold”— where they built their own island and where the police force has Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and even an Aston Martin’s! The city itself is growing and so is it’s tourism, that up until recently they didn’t have any formal postal system!

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Barcelona, Spain
Source: Instagram / @JEJEJEJEWE
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Barcelona, Spain

Live out your wildest Cheetah Girls dreams in the beautiful Barcelona. The ornate architecture and beautifully tiled structures inspired by ocean life make for the perfect background for an #OOTD pic. Plus the city is filled with amazing cafes, restaurants, and museums for foodies and artist alike.

Check out these extremely Instagrammed things to do in Barcelona:

Saint Petersburg, Russia
Source: Instagram / @SERGI_SHREDER
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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russia isn’t trendy or flashy like New York and Las Vegas with new restaurants and activities, but the old architecture is prominent and make for eye catching on your Instagram feed. The city is made up of beautiful palaces, gardens, villas, museums, ornate religious sites, monuments, cemeteries, and so much more that will make for a lot of classy Instagram content.

Check out these extremely Instagrammed things to do in Saint Petersburg:

London, United Kingdom
Source: Instagram / @KEZISMCGARVIE
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London, United Kingdom

London is the perfect mixture of modern and Victorian era. The city itself dates back to 50AD, but the city is being revamped everyday. Not to say that London will be something different than how it started, but every city will evolve with time. Take the Somerset House its architecture is breathtakingly timeless, but it is just a facade because on the inside there are new establishments like the Pennethorne’s Bar. They take inspiration and vibe from the buildings history and architect James Pennethorne to create a modern eating and drinking experience that looks amazing on your Insta story!

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Los Angeles, California
Source: Instagram / @ELLLLIOTTTT
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Los Angeles, California

“That’s so LA!”

We’re sure you’ve heard that at least once in your life. It’s cringy but it’s true because— hands down Los Angeles is one of the trendiest cities in the pop culture world. It’s got the hipsters, the Hollywood high class, and pretty much everything new and exciting.

Check out these extremely Instagrammed things to do in Los Angeles:

Leave us comments about which of these countries you’ve traveled to and if you’ve ever been to any of these places.