Our 13 Favorite Verified Homes on Airbnb Plus

BY GuruHub Squad
1 month ago
Source: Unsplash / Gary Lopater

Airbnb released a new feature on their site that allows its customers to search and book verified “high-end” properties. No more Airbnb horror stories, customers will be guaranteed “beautiful homes, exceptional host, verified quality, verified style, verified easy check-in, verified for essentials, verified for fast wifi, and verified for fully equipped kitchens.” All these verified luxuries and amenities do not mean that the prices are skyrocketing. Customers will now have comfort in knowing what they’re in for when they are booking vacations.

Airbnb has also revamped their Airbnb Plus page in comparison to its regular search options. The pages for Airbnb Plus listings have high-quality images, a large icon for different amenities, and lets you “tour” the residence. The new addition to the site definitely feels like a shift toward modern and higher quality.

Airbnb is really stepping up their “home away from home” strategy and it looks phenomenal! You get the convenience7 and comfort of staying in your own home except your not. Also, if you’re an avid Airbnb-er keep your eye out on a new loyalty program that is currently in beta and will roll out by the end of the year.

But for now here are our favorite Airbnb Plus homes in each of their major marketed cities in the world:

Airbnb Plus - Los Angeles, CA
Source: Airbnb / KEELY
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Los Angeles, California

Stay in a hip loft in the middle of downtown Los Angeles for USD 110 a night. The decor is screaming a mixture of boho chic with its color theory, but they exposed piping makes the place a bit more industrial and edgy feel. With the rental you are allowed access to the buildings rooftop pool that overlooks the city skyline and on site gym.

Airbnb Plus - Cape Town, South Africa
Source: Airbnb / CHRIS
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Cape Town, South Africa

This home is every contemporary queen’s dream. It’s like the anthropology catalogue threw up on this place, it’s that gorgeous and put together! Seriously, it has your Pinterest mood board quaking at how much thought has gone into decorating each space in this home. Our favorite room is the kitchen, it is the literal definition of farmhouse interior goals. And if they beautiful decor and exposed wood beams didn’t get you going, the home also has a pool and gorgeous patio onlooking the flower farm landscape.

Don’t believe us, check it out for yourself!

Airbnb Plus - London, United Kingdom
Source: Airbnb / MIMI
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London, United Kingdom

Explore the city of London and come back to your own penthouse with a skyline view with Big Ben as the main focal point. Enjoy your amazing view through the giant bay windows that surround the kitchen or while having breakfast on the terrace!

Airbnb Plus - Melbourne, Australia
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Melbourne, Australia

Transport yourself into the forest or heaven in this “themed” airbnb. The hosts has transformed the living room and dining room into a lush green paradise, and the bedroom into the a cloud kingdom. Literally the walls are painted to look like the sky filled with fluffy clouds and there is even plush cloud lamps hanging from the ceiling. Feel like you’re in a dream in this master bedroom.

Airbnb Plus - Sydney, Australia
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Sydney, Australia

This small warehouse studio has been transformed into a modern loft. The raised bed and functional furniture give the unit the illusion of more space when needed. Plus, the hardwood gives the space a homey and inviting vibe, so you feel like you’re in a home away from home. Your booking comes with a fully equipped kitchen, in unit washer and dryer, and access to the buildings gym— so you have no reason to stop working out while on vacation!

Airbnb Plus - Rome, Italy
Source: Airbnb / TreasureRome
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Rome, Italy

The 5 bedroom Novona Terrace is one of our faves because of its historic and authentic Italian decor. But don’t the 15th century style decor fool you the kitchen appliances, bathrooms and home entertainment are up to date! (Yes there’s WIFI!)

Airbnb Plus - Austin, Texas
Source: Airbnb / KATE
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Austin, Texas

While you’re visiting the live music capital of the world stay in an equally as artsy and contemporary home to get the full experience. The home is influenced by art from the decorations down to the architecture. With your stay you get access to 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, laundry room, large yard, and outdoor deck.

Airbnb Plus - Shanghai, China
Source: Airbnb / Gefii
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Shanghai, China

Every kids dream is to have a slide in your house and now your dream can become a reality. Well temporarily but it’s better than never getting to experience it. The Shanghai apartment is decorated as if the designer found their kids drawings and used it as their blueprints, complete with slide, foam pit, rock wall, and swing!

Airbnb Plus - Toronto, Canada
Source: Airbnb / JORDAN
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Toronto, Canada

Exciting amenities to highlight in this modern Toronto mansion include spa, private gym, infinity pool, in unit elevator, movie theatre, laundry room and fire pit. This luxurious space will make for a perfect group travel or if you’re down for the USD 4,075 a night a getaway for two!

Airbnb Plus - Chicago, Illinois
Source: Airbnb / EMILY
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San Francisco, California

This stylish family home screams San Francisco vibes! One look at the home decor and it makes sense. It’s a midcentury style home with a mixture of vintage and modern furniture and color theory to match. The 3 bedroom townhouse is close Presidio, the iconic Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The full kitchen, bathrooms, patio, yard, and tree house make this place a perfect destination for small family vacation or a trip to the city with friends.

Airbnb Plus - Barcelona, Spain
Source: Airbnb / VICTOR
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Barcelona, Spain

This “industrial-chic” studio apartment may be only enough for one to two people to stay, but the bohemian decor is definitely a selling point. And for only USD 127 a night that’s not terrible for your own private bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Plus you’ll probably be out all night, because this space is close to the vibrant Placa del Sol. Home to beautiful rooftop terraces and destinations for drinks in the evening!

Airbnb Plus - Milan, Italy
Source: Airbnb / REKA
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Milan, Italy

You’ll for sure be visiting beautiful and historic landmarks and sites during your travels through. So why not mix up your surroundings a bit a add a bit of modern, bright, and chic accommodations to your itinerary of gorgeous Venetian architecture. This boutique studio caught our eye with the vibrant orange kitchen accent walls and appliances, floating steps that lead up to the bed, and beautifully tiled shower!

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