Minimalist Room Must-Haves!

BY Mia Lepp
5 months ago
White Bedroom

The minimalist home decor is the “I could have done that” artwork from the art world. While the minimalist design looks clean and straightforward, part of why we all love it so much, it can be hard to accomplish. When looking for the perfect minimalist decor pieces, it is easy to get distracted or want to buy all the elements that you see; however, it is always best to stick to neutrals, create texture with different metals and wood, and to have a focal point in the room.

So whether you are looking for pieces to add to your already minimalist design or looking to redecorate we put together a list of our favorite minimalist design elements from headboards to where we shop for plants.

Bed & Frame
Source: Anthropologie
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1. Bed & Frame

If we are talking about planning a minimalist room, it is essential  to start with a bed and bed frame that you like. In most cases, your bed will be the focal point or most prominent object in the room, so having the spacing figured out is essential. One key component of minimalism is less clutter and more space! Beds that we love for minimal rooms are Carved Thalia Bed from Anthropology for $1,298, or another option would be to buy a new headboard like the Pranati Carved Headboard, from Urban Outfitters for $449, to add to an existing bed you have.

Source: Target
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2. Dressers

While most of us already have a closet, dressers are making a comeback and in a major way! Dressers are what all your favorite bloggers and influencers use to have their perfume trays on, plants, and the latest book they are reading. Dressers are a must in a minimalist room because they help develop a robust neutral tone in the room and also take up space that you would otherwise fill with clutter and smaller trinkets. Two of our favorite dressers are Siegel 6 Drawer Dresser, from Target for $230.99, and Zephyr 4 Drawer Chest, from AllModern on sale for $162.99.

Floor Lamp
Source: Pixabay / Skitterphoto
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3. Floor Lamps

Stay lit and keep your room lit with these must-have minimalist design lights! A good floor lamp will help to perfect the selfie lighting as well as work as a reading light. Nothing better than a multi-functional light. For lighting fixtures, we suggest picking ones with a hint of metal in them that way you can counterbalance elements of wood and give the room more depth by mixing textures. We love the Amato Tripod Floor Lamp, from Urban Outfitters for $229, and the John Metallic Bronze Floor Lamp, from CB2 for $149.

Area Rug
Source: Urban Outfitters
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4. Area Rug

If you’re worried a minimalist room might be plain and simple for you, add a rug! A rug is the best way to showcase your style. The rug can help to add texture while also combining different colors and design features. Feel free to play with different hues and designs when it comes to the rug. Some examples to fit your minimal room are Black and White Cowhide Rug, from CB2 for $399, Memo Rug, from Design Within Reach for $750, and Arabella Worn Tufted Rug, from Urban Outfitters for $289.

Minimalist Full Length Mirror
Source: CB2
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5. Simple Full Length Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the best room decor around? Oh, that’s right it’s you. We looked through the internet to find the best mirrors that you’re guaranteed to always look good in. Some of our favorites are Mahanoy Accent Mirror, from AllModern for $363, and the Infinity Brass, from CB2 for $199.

Source: Pixabay / Milivanily
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6. Plant Friends

Cactuses and succulents will encompass and tie together the vibe of your minimalist room. They need minimal care and are an easy way to as some greenery without having to take on the responsibilities as a full time plant parent.

Trinket Tray
Source: Anthropologie
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7. Subtle Accent Pieces

Just some finishing touches to add to your minimalist room! Don’t be afraid to showcase your style in different ways whether it is a bookshelf, a tray for your perfumes and all your Glossier, some art for your walls, but you can’t forget your plant corner for your mini jungle, that’s a minimalist design must!

Let us know in the comments where you found your minimalist finds and where you shop for home decor!