Margarita Inspired, Alcohol Not Included

BY GuruHub Squad
5 months ago
Margarita Hero

February 22nd might be a regular day for everyone else but to us alcohol enthusiasts–who use any reason to validate drinking it’s-— NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY! ‘Tis a celebration of the day that this blended drink was blessed upon this planet, and of Carlos Herrera the inventor of the best drink to pair with our tacos every Tuesday.

Not only will we be consuming margaritas in their liquid and blended forms, but surround yourselves with everything margarita flavored and scented. Here are 10 fun margarita flavored and scented things that you can’t exactly drink but will still get you buzzed!

Margarita Candle
Source: Yankee Candle
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1. Margarita Candle

Don’t only sip on margaritas but also smell ‘em. Let the lime and tequila aroma of the Margarita Time Yankee Candle set the mood for your margarita fiesta!

Margarita Bars
Source: Crazy For Crust
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2. Margarita Bars

Your mom always told you to never drink on an empty stomach— pair your margs with an alcoholic twist on a classic lemon bar. Instead of lemon, the treat is lime flavored with a hint of tequila to mimic our favorite Mexican mixed drink.

Margarita Jelly Beans
Source: Jelly Belly
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3. Margarita Jelly Beans

Forget the Bean Boozled challenge and get the only flavor that matters for National Margarita Day. Jelly Beans come in almost every flavor you can imagine from lawn clippings to dog food, you best believe they have margarita flavored ones!

Margarita Crystal Light
Source: Amazon
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4. Margarita Crystal Light

If you’re worried about all the calories that are in a margarita (153 calories to be exact), then look no further. You can still get the taste with a fraction of calories with margarita-flavored Crystal Light. Trick your mind into thinking you’re having a marg when you’re actually being a good and sticking to your diet.

Margarita Lube
Source: Under Cover Condoms
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5. Strawberry Margarita Lube

Make the happiest of hours National Margarita Day with strawberry margarita lube. Get the taste of your favorite blended beverage in the bedroom!

Margarita Wine
Source: La Vinotheque
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6. Margarita Wine

Alcohol-ception! Wine that is margarita flavored what could any alcohol lover want more. Get two for the price of one with Skinnygirl margarita flavored wine!

Margraita Ice Cream
Source: Food Network
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7. Margarita Ice Cream

What a curious mix, but a delicious one to say the least. We all love ice cream and margaritas so why not fuse the two to make an interesting booze baby.

Check out this recipe for homemade margarita ice cream!

Margarita Gum
Source: Project 7
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8. Margarita Gum

Got alcohol on the breath? Refresh it with the taste of your favorite alcoholic beverages without the alcohol percentage. Be careful not to be pulled over by the cops while chewing these!

Margarita Pillow
Source: Amazon / Manual Woodworkers & Weavers
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9. Margarita Pillow

Lay your margarita loving head to rest at the end of the long day of drinking on your very own margarita throw pillow. Be comfy while you ride the spins into oblivion after the countless margaritas!

Margarita Jello Shots
Source: Tasty Ever After
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10. Margarita Jello Shots

When life gives you limes, use ‘em as a garnish for margarita Jello shots! Turn plain old jello shots into margarita Jello shots with this fun recipe from Tasty Ever After.


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