Live Like Royalty: The Most Luxurious Vacation Spots

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Kings and queens live the high life, from glamorous accommodations to serving staff who take care of their needs. However, these aren’t reserved for royalty. While these might be unachievable on a day-to-day basis, there’s no reason we can’t have it on vacation.

From pools with jaw-dropping views to private chefs who cater to you, here are luxurious vacation spots where you can live a monarch.

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Wilton Castle - Bree, Ireland

Where else would a queen live but a castle? Wilton Castle has a truly royal past, with one of its owners having reportedly saved the life of King Henry II and another being a champion of Queen Mary I.

But it isn’t only the castle’s past that makes it luxurious. Each room is carefully decorated, combining old-world charm with modern touches. Having a fireplace in every room doesn’t hurt either. As you stroll the expansive grounds in the Irish countryside, you’ll truly feel like the queen of your own castle.

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Chateau de Farcheville - Bouville, France

If you’re looking for that old-world charm, but with more modern amenities, try the Chateau de Farcheville. Any chateau in northern France has that air of old-school romance, and this one is no exception, with hidden passageways, a moat, and its own wine cellar.

This chateau, however, is also full of modern luxury amenities. It has a salon, theatre, and spa, as well as a hot tub and indoor pool. These luxuries come with a luxury price tag – $23,069 a night – but it does have 22 rooms. If every room has a couple, the $524 per person price tag is still high, but not that high for an entire castle.

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The Seashell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

If old-world charm isn’t your thing and you’re more delighted by the wonders of modern architecture, try the Seashell House. Designed by architect Eduardo Ocampo, the Seashell House is meant to reflect its surroundings – the beaches of Isla Mujeres.

Aside from being surrounded by a spectacular view of palm trees and beaches, you also have your own private pool from which to enjoy the view. The inside of the house, like the exterior, is inspired by a shell motif.

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Villa Lussuoso - Riva, Italy

Speaking of spectacular view from your pool, have a look at Villa Lussuoso. Its pool offers a stunning view of Lake Iseo. You can even enjoy breakfast on your own private patio.

Though the accommodations are a little more quaint than some of the others on this list, the price tag can’t be beat – it’s only $127 a night.

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Buff and Hensman House - West Hollywood, California, USA

If your idea of living like a queen is living like a celebrity, look no further than the Buff and Hensman House. Hidden away in Nicolas Canyon in Hollywood, this home was designed by famed and highly awarded architects Buff and Hensman.

Not only does the house have its own pool, but it’s designed with a glass front, so you can enjoy the views of the canyon. If perfect design is your idea of luxury, every last touch of this house, from the delicate tub to the steel kitchen, will surprise and delight you.

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Doura Villa - Penafiel, Portugal

For luxury with a rustic touch, try Doura Villa. While the exterior boasts a saltwater infinity pool with a view of the Douro River, the interior is a different story.

With wood ceilings and brick walls, you get a sense of old-world charm. Luxury isn’t lacking, however, since you’re still in your own private villa.

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Penthouse - Vancouver, Canada

If you’d rather forego country charm for modern city living, try this penthouse in Vancouver. Boasting a stunning view of the city, the penthouse apartment has a private wraparound deck that includes a fireplace and bamboo garden.

That’s not all – there’s also a rooftop jacuzzi from which to enjoy your spectacular view. There’s no better place to sit and take in the city.

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Private Island - Hopkins, Belize

If seclusion is more to your taste, have a whole island to yourself at Little Peter Oasis in Belize. Not only is it your own private island, it comes with its own private lagoon.

As if that weren’t enough, since it’s so secluded, you’ll have a staff to take care of your needs, including a cook.

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Viksberg Castle - Stockholm, Sweden

Living like royalty means something else entirely in Sweden. While Viksberg Castle castle has seven stoves, two fireplaces, three balconies and a terrace, those are the kinds of things you’d expect in any castle.

Where Viksberg really shines is that it has a gym, jacuzzi, sauna, billiard table, piano, and games room. Though you should never be bored in a castle, you definitely won’t be at Viksberg.

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Private Mansion - Beverly Hills, California

You expect anything with the word ‘mansion’ to have something special to it. This mansion in Beverly Hills exceeds that expectation.

Sure it has a pool (yawn) and a cabana (expected), but it also has a bar, basketball court, and mini putt. No wonder it’s $3,500 a night.

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Hector Cave House - Santorini, Greece

Carved into the side of a cliff, the Hector Cave House exudes Mediterranean charm. Originally a wine cellar, it’s now a beautiful summer home.

Your private veranda has the stunning view you’d hope for from an island in Greece. While there’s wine on the side of the jacuzzi in the photo, feel free to upgrade to champagne.

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Yacht - Tijuana, Mexico

This privately-owned, 112-foot yacht, comes with a captain, crew, and chef. The yacht’s name describes the experience perfectly – Panache.

The space boasts a master bedroom and two other cabins, each with their own bathroom, plus a dining room that seats twelve. It doesn’t end there – it’s also equipped with jet skis and water kayaks.

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Villa, Ubud - Bali, Indonesia

This private villa in Bali has an infinity pool overlooking the jungle. It even has its own private gardens.

As if that weren’t enough of a draw, the property has hosted a number of prestigious guests. David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Yoko Ono, and Francis Ford Coppola have all graced this space.

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Mountain Retreat - Cape Town, South Africa

If you want to escape to the mountains, head to Maison Noir. Not only does the pool offer a stunning view of the surrounding mountain ranges, but each room has a private outdoor shower.

As if it weren’t enough that the house is gorgeous, it also has a private theater and a fully-stocked wine cellar. You can even arrange for a private chef.

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Chalet - Veysonnaz, Switzerland

Maybe a cold mountain escape is more your speed than a tropical one. If so, check out the Endymion. Located in the heart of a ski resort in Switzerland, this chalet has everything you need to keep you cozy, with indoor and outdoor fireplaces, a hot tub, and a sauna.

Don’t forget while you’re there to take in the views from the wraparound balcony. During ski season, the chalet serves afternoon tea and canapes, as well as cocktails and a gourmet dinner.


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