Jewelry Gift Guide for Galaxy Geeks

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5 months ago
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Need a gift for someone special or just in the market for some new space-esque jewelry? Check out our comprehensive jewelry gift guide for galaxy geeks!

From planets to constellations and inescapable black holes, here are some brilliant ideas that are out of this world.

Wanderlust + Co
Source: Wanderlust + Co
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1. The Zodiac Series — Wanderlust + Co

Wanderlust + Co is an Australian-based company that manufactures stunning yet affordable jewelry. Founder Jen Low wanted to create a brand that allows jewelry lovers to have transformative pieces at a low cost without sacrificing quality or comfort. The Zodiac Series includes all 12-star signs in a variety of rings, earrings, and necklaces. The line is available in two color options – 14k gold or plated silver with cubic zirconia crystal accents.

The Zodiac Series, 35-45 USD, Wanderlust + Co

Source: Amazon / KUIYAI
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2. Moon Phase Necklace — KUIYAI

Space lovers will love this piece to the moon and back! KUIYAI’s dainty and minimalistic phases of the moon necklaces are crafted from stainless steel which is available in rose gold and silver plating. The necklace rests smoothly above the collarbone, and its simple design makes it perfect to wear every day with any outfit. The best part is that it is so affordable that you can give it to all your besties.

Moon Phases Necklace Bar Pendant, 13 USD, Amazon

Grab + Items.
Source: Grab + Items
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3. Solar System Bracelet — Grab + Items.

This Solar System bracelet is definitely out of this world. This handcrafted bracelet is a combination of natural gemstone planets, beads, and gold star charms. This multi-colored piece will accentuate all your outfits from casual to formal.

Solar System Bracelet, 20 USD, Grab + Items.

Source: Solaris
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4. Solaris Agate Bracelet — Solaris

This Solar System bracelet is definitely out of this world. This handcrafted bracelet is a combination of natural gemstone planets, beads, and gold star charms. This multi-colored piece will accentuate all your outfits from casual to formal.

Vanacci is a modern men’s accessory brand that prides themselves on their masculine designs and innovative technology. Solaris by Vanacci is a handcrafted, celestial-inspired line which manufactures agate bracelets and pendants. They’re made with a Lockstone™ technology that locks in your favorite fragrances into the bracelet longer than wearing it. Perfect to pair with his favorite cologne!

Solaris Agate Bracelet, 47-80 USD, Solaris

Disney Collection - Alex & Ani
Source: Alex And Ani
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5. Disney Collection — Alex and Ani

A list of space jewelry will be incomplete without mentioning the epic saga Star Wars at least once. Alex and Ani, the widely known bangle bracelet brand, has collaborated with Disney to create a wide range of bracelets inspired by the classic movie series. The Force will definitely be strong with this one!

Star Wars Bangles, 40 USD, Alex and Ani

Rockii Store
Source: Rockii Store
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6. Mercury Set — Rockii Store

Don’t blame Mercury for being in Retrograde for not getting your space lover a gift. Rockii Store has a vast range of crescent and celestial-inspired layered necklaces and chokers. The dainty necklaces will rest elegantly on your loved one’s neck as you hit the town for a romantic dinner under the stars.

Mercury Set, 23.99 USD, Rockii Store

Source: Stillnest
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7. Anna Saccone Store — Stilnest

Anna Saccone, family and lifestyle YouTuber, has a range in collaboration with Stilnest of “Written in the Stars” and “Zodiac” collections. Her jewelry includes 925 plated sterling silver and rose pendant necklaces and bracelets. The perfect thoughtful and personalized gifts for your Valentine.

Zodiac Collection, 79 USSD, Stilnest

Moonstone Magic Jewelry
Source: Moonstone Magic Jewery
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8. Moonstone Rings — Moonstone Magic Jewelry

Pamper your lunar princess with a manicure and a moonstone ring to match. Moonstone is the stone of inner growth and strengthening, an excellent  way to show your commitment. Moonstones are said to have healing properties to soothe and stabilize emotions and stress when the going gets tough. The mystical iridescent stones are placed in a range of settings in rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants to fit her unique aura.

Moonstone Ring — Luna Delight, 35 USD, Moonstone Magic Jewelry

Moon & Sun Cufflinks
Source: Etsy / Yugentribe
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9. Moon and Sun Cufflinks — Etsy

Give him the space he’s been asking for this Valentine’s Day with a pair of handmade moon and sun cufflinks. Make sure the cuffs of his dress shirts are secure and out of this world.

Moon and Sun Cufflinks, 28 USD, Etsy (via. yugentribe)

Moon & Star Bangles
Source: ALV Jewels
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10. Star & Moon Bangle — ALV Jewels

Stay simple with a set of moon and stars bracelets to show space queen your love. The collection from the online boutique comes in gold and silver plating; and their site includes other celestial inspired necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

Sun & Moon Bangle, 18 USD, ALV Jewels


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