If These Rugs Could Talk…

BY Mia Lepp
5 months ago

This week in home decor we are breaking down just what your area rug tells your guests about you when they first walk in. Think spirit rug, think rug Horoscope, think rug Myers-Briggs. Let us know if we missed any area rugs that you have, and we will make sure to include them in the next “Home Decor Impressions” list!

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Tapestry Queen

Our Tapestry queen, yes! You live life boldly. You aren’t afraid of speaking your mind and standing up for what you believe in, and that’s one of the things your circle loves so much about you! And when we mention circle, boy do you have a large group of friends. You’re very well connected, and your friends know if they ever need advice on a topic they can ask you and you will always know someone in the field who is an expert. You love being there for your fellow #girlbosses and enjoy seeing others conquer their goals as you do, one day at a time. Now we won’t waste any more of your time, you know all of this, and you have a ton to do.

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Rawhide Neutral

Not that it matters, but if it did, you liked having indoor plants and kombucha before everyone thought it was cool. You’re trendy and edgy without having to try because you just do what you want, wear what you feel comfortable in, and decorate your home how a home should feel to you. You’re not following trends; you’re unknowingly setting them by being yourself, and others can’t help but love that about you! So go ahead, keeping being you, and keeping killing it at life. We’re your biggest fan!

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Faux Fur, Real Style

You breathe an air of elegance when you enter the room and start the party if you aren’t arriving late to the one that’s already going on! You enjoy living life and appreciate the finer things ya know, like an occasional glass of Dom Perignon now and then. Your personality is open and warm, so it’s no surprise that others open up to you quickly and that more often than not you get your way as if your idea was never wrong, to begin with. You’re well traveled and have the best stories to tell. Your friends love to catch up with you at brunch to hear what happened this week!

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Minimalist, Chic, City Girl!

Our minimalist, chic, city girl! There isn’t anything you can’t do! While you may come off quiet and reserved it isn’t because you aren’t friendly, but sometimes it can take you a bit longer to warm up to others. However, once you do, you’re a friend for life that others can count on! You believe actions are louder than words and often let your accomplishments and experience do the talking. You know what you’re capable of and there is no stopping you, except when you have friends over to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor, what? Everyone has their vices. When you’re not busy conquering the world one business venture at a time you are hosting dinner parties for all your closest friends and those more often than not go till 2 am and always end with an impromptu jam sesh. You enjoy your life and chase your dreams because there really is no other way to live.

Let us know in the comment if these area rugs represent you or someone you know!