How To Thrift Shop Like A Pro

3 weeks ago
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What I love most about thrifting is that:

  1. You can find unique, one of a kind pieces that you normally wouldn’t stumble upon at a retail store.
  2. Recycling clothing is environmentally ethical.
  3. Because everything is secondhand, CLOTHES ARE SO FREAKING AFFORDABLE.

Talk about balling on a budget!

When I started thrifting my senior of high school, I was working in retail earning minimum wage. Being the fashion-loving yet mindful money-saving person that I am, I thought it best to stretch the worth of my dollar at the thrift store rather than blowing my whole paycheck at the mall.

Regularly, I get so many people ask me how exactly I shop for these pieces. With my many years of bargain shopping under my belt and the majority of my closet friends that work at thrift stores, I have some special insight into all things thrifting.

With these 5 tips, you’re on your way to being an ultimate thrift shopping pro:

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1. Shop According To Trends

Before heading to the thrift store take note of current trends at the mall, listed in magazines, and featured on fashion blogs.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Lucky for us style gurus fashion trends are constantly being recycled at the thrift store. Whether it’s coats, oversized sweaters, plaid and flannels, etc., chances are the trendy pieces you’re searching for will be at the thrift store… but at a much more affordable price.

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2. Venture Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Normally, you’ll find me shopping in the women’s section at a normal mall or boutique. But at the thrift shop, all bets are off!

Depending on what pieces I’m looking for, I never limit myself to just one clothing section – such as women’s. For example, when shopping for band tees or blazers I’ll venture into the men’s section. I’m a huge fan of oversized fits, so shopping in the men’s section is a no brainer.

For fitted denim cutoff shorts in the spring and summer, I may wander off into the children’s denim section (it also helps that I’m pretty petite.) Plus, shopping in the children’s section is so much more affordable. Children’s clothes are usually priced far less than adult sections.

When shopping in different section, remember to definitely try everything on as it’s going to be a different style and fit. Also, take note if you have to make minor tailoring adjustments.

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3. Give Yourself Enough Time To Shop & Go Through Every Rack

When it comes to thrifting, give yourself a minimum of 3 hours to shop the ENTIRE store. That means looking through every rack, box, section, and trying everything on. I know it sounds excessive, but you never know what gems you can find!

Often times, I’ll find myself going through the racks again, just to make sure I didn’t pass up any unique pieces.

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4. Donate & Get Discounts

Thrift stores such as Goodwill and Savers can give you a store discount based on how many bags you bring to the donation center.

You also don’t have to limit yourself to clothes. You can bring in furniture, kitchen supplies, glassware, books, etc, which makes it a great way to give back to the community while also getting more bang for your buck during your next thrift shopping trip.

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5. Look Out For Sales

Some thrift stores will hold weekly sales on already discounted items. Places such as Goodwill have a colored tagging system in which certain colors will be 50% off. Others will also sell items for $1.00 on certain days and times of the week.

Keep track of sales and promotions so you can plan your next thrifting trip and all-out shopping spree!

At the end of the day, quality is way more important than quantity. So indulge in the extra time at the thrift store to uncovered unique, one-of-a-kind finds. Always shop for quality-made items, that will still look new even after some more wear.

Happy Thrifting!

Leave comments below telling me your favorite thrift shopping tips & tricks.