How to Burn More Calories at Work Without Breaking a Sweat

6 months ago

Whether it’s in a meeting or with a colleague, standing up at work can mean finding your voice or the confidence to share your opinion. But when it comes to your health and wellness, it means something much simpler than that.

We need to literally stand on our own two feet more often. If we take an inventory of the time we spend in front of a computer or in meetings, we find that a lot of it takes place sitting down. It has become clear that standing up needs to be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Simply standing helps with circulation, lowering risk for disease, burning more calories and the list goes on. Since we spend so much of our day at work, here are few easy ways to incorporate it into the workplace:

Make Calls Standing Up
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1. Make Calls Standing Up

This is a great opportunity to get out of your chair – even if you just pop up for the greeting and sit back down so you don’t disrupt your colleagues. Another option is to make calls in a conference room or somewhere you can stay standing and even walk around!

Change Your Greeting
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2. Change Your Greeting

Whenever someone comes into your office or to your desk, stand up to talk with them. Take the time to stretch your legs and avoid the awkward eye contact by having to look up at them from your chair.

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3. Schedule A “Walk and Talk”

Replace those one-on-one office meetings with a walk instead! You can even pick a project you’re working on and use the time to brainstorm. Turns out that walking can help you be more creative, too!

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4. Host Standing Meetings

If you have regularly scheduled team meetings, conduct them standing up around the table. You’ll be surprised how much more engaged people will be. There’s no way to hide behind a laptop or slouch to check your phone either!

Dont Take A Seat
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5. Don’t Take A Seat

People love to offer a seat while we wait. This is a perfect opportunity to take a stand instead! And if you’re waiting for a meeting to start, simply stand behind the chair until it’s officially time to begin.

Stand Desk
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6. Use A Sit-Stand Desk

This may be an obvious one, but replacing that traditional desk with a sit-stand option will certainly give you the opportunity to stand up and still be productive. There are a number of affordable options now that include ways to retrofit rather than actually replace your desk, too.

Go For The Aisle
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7. Go For The Aisle

If you attend conferences or large meetings where there is auditorium style seating or long rows, head for a seat by the aisle. This will allow you the option to stretch your legs and stand up throughout the session without interrupting fellow participants.

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8. Ask For a Face to Face

Before you draft that quick email or chat to a colleague, consider standing up and walking over to ask them face to face. You’ll save them from another email in that inbox abyss, and you’ll get in a few steps, too.

Water cooler in desert
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9. Take A Water Break

Standing up and walking over to the water cooler counts! Catch up on the latest news from your colleagues and find the time to stand up. Plus, if you drink enough, you’ll find that bathroom breaks will also get you standing up more.

Cell Phone Reminder
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10. Make Your Cell Phone A Reminder

You don’t need any apps. You don’t even need to set a timer. Start to create a habit where every time you look at your cell phone stand up. Since we look at our phones 35-50 times a day, that’s quite a few opportunities to stand up!


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