Houseplant Horoscope: What Do Your Plants Say About You?

BY GuruHub Squad
2 months ago
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Up next in our “Home Decor Impressions” lineup we are tackling what your choice in houseplants say about you. Even if it’s not your intention to make a statement with your plants, it’s a way for you to subtly express your individuality and give us a little insight into who you are. We know that 9 times out of 10 you thought that plant would liven up a corner in your house, but we’ve found some commonalities in houseplant decor and their plant parents.

Check out our hand-tailored horoscope for houseplants:

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Fresh Flowers

You aren’t ready for the commitment of a live houseplant but still, want to have some “life” in your space. You tend to brighten up the room, just like a vase full of flowers. You radiate happiness and warmth. You’re lively, energetic and good a quick/split decisions. You go through fast phases in life, just as fast you rotate through vases tulips, daisies, and roses. You’re never content with now, you’re always thinking of the future like what flowers you want next.

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Succulents, Cactus, Jade Plants & Aloe Vera

You’re always on the go and would be categorized as a boss babe. Always on top of trends, so you don’t have time for a needy houseplant. You need plants that are just like you. They need little attention just like you. You’re strong and independent. All you need is a coffee and protein bar in the AM and you have no time for anything but the necessities. Usually go-to’s for college students, young adults, and people who rarely spend time at home.

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Palms & Ferns

Just like big palm leaves and ferns you like to make a statement when you walk into the room. You care about how you present yourself whether it be fashion, hairstyles, or your presence on social media. Your Instagram pictures always have a theme, best lighting, and best angles. You’re most energized in the spring and summer months and have an affinity for water and tropical destinations.

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You have a “go with the flow” type attitude. You may seem like you don’t know where you’re growing with life, but the only part that matters is that you are. You don’t have a set plan with what you’re doing yet or where you’re going, but it’s about the hustle to get there.

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Herb Garden

You’re an eco-friendly fiend. You obviously have the green thumb and more than likely have a home full of plants. You tend to cook at home more than you go out and use your homegrown herbs and spices. You’re all about that all natural and recyclable lifestyle. You never forget your tote bags when you go to the grocery store and bring a homemade lunch rather than going out to eat with your coworkers. Your go-to storage container and drinkware are mason jars and you’ve probably thought about starting your own compost.

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You’re the master of DIYs. You’re all encompassing like a terrarium. You’ve tried every cooking, home decor, and fashion DIY you’ve saved on Pinterest. Your creativity shows through your living spaces. You tend to be quiet, reserved, and in your own bubble. But find joy in having other see your creative works.

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Like orchids need an ample amount of water, care, and the right humidity; you desire attention and a strong support group. You care deeply about the people around you and put people first in hope that they’ll do the same for you. Some would say you are high maintenance, but you find joy in having strong and genuine connections with a small group of people.

Not compatible with the peace lily, Chinese evergreen and snake plants.

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Peace Lily, Chinese Evergreen & Snake Plants

Like these low light plants, you enjoy a night in watching Netflix or snuggled under a blanket or reading your favorite book. You’re low maintenance, in every good way possible, and you find happiness in the little things. You lean more toward cozy vibes when decorating and in fashion.

Not compatible with Orchids.

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Fake Plants

You’re fascinated with the aesthetics of houseplants but are nowhere near ready for that kind of commitment. You’re in the “I’d rather have dogs than kids phase” of life. You’re working hard for yourself and your future, so you don’t have time for green thumb skills yet.

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Dead Plants

You thought you were ready for commitment but just can’t be bothered by the mundane tasks, like watering a plant. Often has an extremely busy work schedule and social life. Sometimes scatterbrained or just forgets about their plant babies. With the next steps in maturity, you’ll lean toward a fake plant, succulent, cactus, or low light plant.

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