Home Decor Items to Achieve Modern Pinterest Goals

BY GuruHub Squad
1 month ago
Source: Unsplash / Mikael Cho

Modern design has two main subsets: Mid-Century Modern and Urban Modern. For this bit of home decor inspo, we’re dabbling into the Urban Modern side. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular routes for millennials and those residing in urban areas. Its popularity comes from its ability to make decorating a small space simple, its affordability and its accessibility. What we mean by accessibility you can find modern decor pieces anywhere from Target to West Elm to Costco.

Let us break down the main elements of Urban Modern design to look out for the next time you go home goods shopping. It’s all about:

  • Clean Lines
  • Neutral Tones
  • Minimalism
  • Use of Earthy Textures
    • Metals
    • Concrete
    • Wood
Modern Dresser
Source: Restoration Hardware
1 / 10

Bezier Low Wide Dresser - Restoration Hardware

We love sleek and simple pieces like this Bezier dresser from Restoration Hardware. Although it may seem straightforward that it’s just a dresser, the clean lines and lack of hardware adds an extra element to your modern design aesthetic.

Modern Sectional
Source: Z Gallerie
2 / 10

Vapor U Sectional - Z Gallerie

The focal of every good living room is obviously the couch. If you have space, go for a large sectional like this muted gray one from Z Gallerie. Since your modern living room won’t be cluttered by unnecessary decor you won’t need to feel bad for taking up space with a big couch. The color and shade is key. Go for a neutral couch like black, white, and grey tones so you are committed to one statement color and can make statements with other pieces.

Modern Lighting
Source: Pottery Barn
3 / 10

Modern Cylinder Pendant - Pottery Barn

Lighting can be a huge change of pace when you’re decorating your home. These Pottery Barn metal lighting fixtures are a fun way to add metal to your decor and the glass minimizes visual space for an airy feel. Not only are the fixtures important but think about the bulbs too!

Towel Rack
Source: Ikea
4 / 10

Ikea Vilto Towel Ladder

Use a dark element of this Ikea Vilto towel ladder to add a deeper dimension to an all white or light toned bathroom. Modern design is all about not having cluttered spaces. This towel ladder can double as a drying rack and if you add a hanging organizer it can clean up bathroom sinks and counters to achieve ultimate modern design goals.

Karlsson Wall Clock Big Time Mini
Source: Amazon / Present Time
5 / 10

Modern Wall Clock - Present Time

Achieve ultimate simplicity with this Present Time wall clock. This clock is rid of all the frill, literally. It’s not super practical for reading the time, that’s what cell phones are for but looks pretty darn good in your modern living room.

Weaver Square Cocktail Table
Source: Living Spaces
6 / 10

Cocktail Table - Living Spaces

Add the element of wood tones up the modern vibe in a room. Try have large statement pieces like this cocktail table from Living Spaces or this edgy modern bookcase from Lumens.

Trigg Small Hanging Wall Decor
Source: All Modern
7 / 10

Hanging Wall Decor - Trigg

Clean lines, metals, and a fun way to display your plant friends. These Trigg hanging wall decors from All Modern are an affordable way to make a space modern.

Oops Vases
Source: Y Living
8 / 10

Oops Vases - Bosa

These vases by Bosa are multifunctional. Not only can you use them as a home for your plant friends, but they also double as a unique modern art piece.

Modern Concrete Dining Table
Source: West Elm
9 / 10

West Elm Concrete Table

This concrete table from West Elm add another texture into your modern dining room. The clean lines of the legs and metallic color give your space an industrial twist.

Target Modern Kitchen Collection
Source: Target
10 / 10

Target Modern Dinnerware Collection

Lastly, decorate your modern concrete table with all of the dinnerware to match. Target has a modern dinnerware collection to die for. The tones are perfect for any modern kitchen and the designs of the cutlery and dishes look like their own art piece.

Leave us comments about your favorite places to get your modern decor items.