Hacks for Small Living Spaces

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5 months ago
Hero Small Living Space Hacks

Small living spaces tend to make us feel claustrophobic. Not all of us have the luxury of having a huge living room or bedroom to decorate and play around with. We have to figure out new ways to express ourselves and find creative storage methods for our stuff without looking messy or cramped.

Here are 10 hacks to help you tackle decorating and opening up any small space:

Know Your Space
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1. Know Your Space

Before you start spending all the dough on furniture and home decor get to know the space. By that, we mean to see where you can utilize space and see what you have room for. You don’t want to buy things and figure out where to put it. Do the opposite, notice where you have space and look for pieces that will fit the holes.

Check out this hack: you can free up shelf space or storage space by adding a cart in between your washer and dryer.

Find Functional Furniture
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2. Find Functional Furniture

Find furniture that serves multiple purposes. A wardrobe can double as a mirror, couches that double as beds, and coffee tables that you can use for storage and as a desk. Investing in multi-use furniture will free up space with the limited amount you have and have innovative ways to hide your sh*t!

Clear Furniture
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3. Clear Furniture

Clear acrylic furniture gives off the illusion of more space by bouncing off and reflecting light throughout the room. Plus the modern look of clear furniture and lack of color will match any color scheme you choose.

Utilize Mirrors
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4. Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors will give off the illusion of opening up space. Check out Apartment Theory’s tips for strategically positioning your mirror to open up the floor plan.

Soft Toned
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5. Soft Toned Walls

Dark colored walls tend to close off a room and make it feel smaller. Stick to light-toned wallpapers and paints to create a room that feels bigger because the natural light will not get lost in dark tones.

Break Up Space
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6. Use Furniture to Break Up Space

Using furniture to break up space in a small space like a studio apartment can give off the appearance of having separate rooms. Adding a shelf space in a studio apartment can section off an entryway from a living room or a bedroom with a kitchenette.

Build Up
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7. Build Up

When you can’t build out, build up. Adding floating shelves will free up ground space, have more storage and give you more opportunities to decorate!

Foldable Furniture
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8. Foldable Furniture

Another fun and innovative hack is foldable furniture to free up space. There are so many folding furniture options that will hide away necessary furniture like cabinets that fold down to have an ironing board, tables that complete fold up into the wall, and a chalkboard that fold down to desks.

Hang It
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9. Hang it

Free up more ground space by hanging plants and lamps. Plus you’ll look trendy af with your succulent or herb garden hanging by the window.

Less is More
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10. Less is More

Less stuff means more space; it’s as simple as that. That can mean decluttering your space, having less furniture, or giving the appearance of not having a lot of stuff lying around.


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