With bases in Los Angeles, New York, and Melbourne, I’m a renowned photographer who carts my camera equipment—-and keen eye—-around the globe, producing dazzling, contemporary and artistic images for a dynamic clientele. My photographic vision is uniquely versatile, and this versatility is reflected in the staggering array of clients served: major motion pictures; high-end magazines; and actors and actresses from screens big and small.

Equally skilled at A-list editorial and celebrity portraiture, I'm perhaps best known for edgy and soulful images that capture the true essence of my subject matter.

Dennys Ilic

My photography has been commissioned by a number of major film studios, including Warner Bros. Pictures, Roadshow, United Pictures International (UPI) and New Line Cinema.

Whatever the subject matter, all clients receive something extraordinary when I point my camera in their direction.

Dennys Ilic

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