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Source: Unsplash / Heather Schwartz

National Donut Day falls on June 1 this year and we couldn’t be more excited! The doughy dessert originated with Dutch immigrant in New York to now being transformed into an art. We see everything from donuts topped with fruits, cereals, candies, 24k gold, used as garnishes on milkshakes or as decorations on walls at events and weddings. We will definitely be enjoying a dozen or two!

Here are our top 15 donut inspired items to enjoy this National Donut Day.

Babycakes Donut Maker
Source: Amazon / Babycakes
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1. Babycakes Donut Maker

Our first item is for our extreme donut lovers who are ready to take on the feat of making your own at home. The non-stick Babycakes Donut Maker allows you to make whatever kind of donuts you desire. If your local donut shop doesn’t serve gluten-free or vegan options, don’t worry because now you can make your own!

Ban.do Desk Donut
Source: Ban.do
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2. Desk Donut

Sweeten up your office space with this Desk Donut from Ban.do. You can display your pushpins in an innovative and adorable way. If you’ve never heard of Ban.do, they’re best known for their cute and trendy stationary, clothing and shoes, accessories, living, bags and tech items.

Saucony Kinvara 9 Dunkin Donuts
Source: Stock X / Saucony Kinvara
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3. Saucony Kinvara 9 Dunkin Donuts

This tasty collab between Saucony and Dunkin Donuts is currently out of stock on Saucony’s website. But if you really want to get your hands on a pair of these Stock X has them for you!

Donut Temporary Tattoo Inkbox
Source: Inkbox
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4. Donut Temporary Tattoo

This isn’t as lame as it sounds! It’s not like those ones that look like paint that you apply with water and only last a day. Inkbox allows you to have a realistic looking tattoo for up to 18 days if you’re not ready for the commitment of a real tattoo. Plus if there are no designs on their site that you are head over heels for, you can create your own with their freehand ink or design your own.

Typo - Donut Pinata
Source: Typo
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5. Donut Shaped Pinata

Knock the National Donut Day decorations out of the park with a pinata to match the theme. Typo has the iconic pink icing with rainbow sprinkles vibe to make sure you’re celebrating the day right.

Donut Sports Bra
Source: Feed Me Fight Me
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6. Donut Sports Bra

This sports bra from athletic apparel brand Feed Me Fight Me is a contradiction in itself. You’re working out in a print of something you shouldn’t be eating while on a diet. Although… we won’t tell if you veer off your workout plan and indulge on National Donut Day!

Donut Lifting Belt
Source: Vaunt Lifting
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7. Sweet Gains Weight Belt

Same (donut) boat as the sports bra! You’re only thinking about donuts when you’re working out with this Vaunt Lifting weight belt. That’s some torture only the strongest can endure, but whether you’re lifting or eating donuts you’re still making some kind of gains right?!

Bigmouth Donut Beach Blanket UO
Source: Urban Outfitters / Big Mouth
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8. Bigmouth Donut Beach Blanket

Mix the sweet donut life with the sea life on your next beach vacay. You can get your Simpson’s inspired Big Mouth donut beach mat from Urban Outfitters.

Donut Apple Watch Band
Source: Casetify
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9. Donut Apple Watch Band

Checking the time till you get to eat another donut?! Pimp your Apple Watch with frosting and sprinkles with this Casetify band.

Odd Future Tie Dye Hoodie
Source: Odd Future
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10. Odd Future Tie Dye Hoodie

The pink frosted donut is the most recognizable logo for Tyler, the Creator’s clothing brand Odd Future. You can find a full range of socks, hats, shirts and sweatshirts like this Tie Dye Hoodie with donuts on them.

Donut Neon Sign
Source: Etsy / MKNEON
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11. Donut Neon Sign

You never knew you needed a donut neon light, but now you do! Etsy seller MKNEON has a collection of LED tube signs ranging from popsicles, cactus, watermelon and our favorite the donut!

Donut Mug UO
Source: Urban Outfitters
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12. Donut Mug

Enjoy your morning donut with your coffee in a matching donut mug from Urban Outfitters. The beige stoneware is a different vibe from most donut accessories. It’s more muted than the usually vibrant pink frosting and would be a cute accent on any kitchen counter.

Modern Amusement Donut Swim Trunks
Source: Pacsun / Modern Amusement
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13. Modern Amusement Donut Swim Trunks

Get glazed and goldened by the pool in a pair of Modern Amusement swim trunks from Pacsun. You’ll be lookin’ like a snack all summer!

Donut Jelly Belly
Source: Amazon / Jelly Belly
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14. Donut Jelly Belly

They have Jelly Belly flavors of everything from lawn clippings and dog food. So, of course, it’s expected that they have donut flavored beans.

Kyrie 2 Ky-rispy Kreme
Source: Sole Collector
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15. Kyrie 2 Ky-rispy Kreme

This scrumptious collab between Kyrie Irving, Nike and Krispy Kreme is currently sold out on the official Nike website. But for all you sneakerheads can cop yourself a pair of these sweet kicks at GOAT.

Leave us comments about which of these donut inspired items were your favorite.