20 Home Decor Items From The Amazon Interesting Finds List

BY GuruHub Squad
5 months ago
Floating Planter
Source: Amazon / Flyte

Good ole Amazon. The friend we lean on when we’re looking for cool, quirky, and awesome sh*t that we want for 2-day shipping! Well if you’re an avid Amazon user you’re probably familiar with the “Interesting Finds” list. If you aren’t what are you doing with your life?!

Amazon curates lists of fun and exciting items that updates daily in different categories like fashion, toys, tees, novelties, and home decor.

Prominent trends we have found on the Interesting Finds list for a garden, smart home, mid-century decor, and interior design are:

  • Mid-Century Modern (It has its own tab!)
  • Innovative designs & technologies in furniture and home gadgets
  • Accent Metals

Here’s 20 of the coolest, stylish, and chic home decor items from Amazon’s Interesting Finds List for February:

Contemporary Bookshelf
Source: Amazon / Furniture of America
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1. Contemporary Bookshelf

The Furniture of America Corley Contemporary 6 Shelf Bookcase is a perfect accent piece for a modern decor scheme. The geometric shape and champagne metallic finish will add an innovative and different dimension to a room compared to a standard horizontal shelf bookcase.

Bathtub Caddy
Source: Amazon / Songmics
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2. Bathtub Caddy

Make bath time even more relaxing than it already is with the Songmics Extendable Bathtub Caddy. The caddy has slots to hold a wine glass, cup or candle, tablets, and smartphones — if you want to take the risk of your electronics to take a swim.

Art Deco End Table
Source: Amazon / Adeco
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3. Art Deco End Table

This Adeco luxury, metal end tray table if definitely giving us Great Gatsby vibes. The top tray detail is inspired by the 1920’s geometric and art deco movements and add a retro feel to a room.

Bulb Vase
Source: Amazon / MyGift
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4. Glass Bulb Hanging Vase

Display houseplants and herbs in a unique way with this hanging bulb vase from MyGift. Gift it to the vintage and rustic decor lover or for yourself.

Cradle Chair
Source: Amazon / Baxton
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5. Cradle Chair

Accent chairs are fun, but accent chairs that are a modern take on rocking chairs are even better. The Baxton Cradle Chairs white seat will stand out in a room and be your guest’s favorite place to sit when they visit.

Copper Fan
Source: Amazon / Dynamic Collections
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6. Copper Retro Desk Fan

Regular plain tower and box fans are clunky and annoying. Stay cool and chic with this retro copper desk fan by Dynamic Collections.

Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe
Source: Amazon / Sagaform
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7. Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

Replace the magazines and self-help books on your coffee tables with a Sagaform Tic Tac Toe Shot Glass Game. A new accent piece for bachelor pads and man caves all around.

Source: Amazon / Rivet
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8. Mid-Century Side Table

This Rivet end table screams modern 60-70’s style. We’ve seen a massive emphasis on retro style in fashion, beauty, and now home decor.

Floating Wall Shelf
Source: Amazon / Umbra
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9. Floating Wall Shelf

Umbra’s versatile floating wall shelf can help free up space in desks or add dimension to a plain wall. You can use the wooden cup to hold pens, pencils, or even if you’re feeling funky— plants.

Toilet Paper Holder
Source: Amazon / MyGift
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10. Industrial Toilet Paper Holder

For all ya industrial and steampunk interior design lovers. Hang your toilet paper roll on a rustic style pipe and have a little shelf to put your phone while you do your business.

Industrial Bar Cart
Source: Amazon / Baxton
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11. Industrial Bar Cart

Bar carts are a must in any kitchen or dining room. This Baxton Kitchen Serving Cart will give a room a rustic and industrial vibe.

70s Credenza
Source: Amazon / Kardiel
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12. 70's Credenza

Kardiel Sideboard Credenza has a retro 70 color theory with the white, yellow, orange, and red toned drawers. Use it as a TV stand or an accent table in an entryway.

Side Table with Magazine Holder
Source: Amazon / Kardiel
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13. Side Table With Magazine Rack

The Kardiel Scando mid-century modern end table may look like a regular side table, but the lip on the side doubles as a magazine rack and desk.

No Tip Glasses
Source: Amazon / Sagaform
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14. No Tipping Glasses

A no-spill glass? Yes, please. People that are intoxicated tend to be clumsy, and this will save you from a few spill, but not all of them. The Sagaform Bar Rocking glasses will always tip but never completely over!

HIS:HERS Cork & Cap
Source: Amazon / Mud Pie
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15. HIS/HERs Cap & Cork Shadow Box

Are you a beer enthusiast or wine connoisseur? The Mud Pie His/Hers Cork display shadow box is definitely for you. It’s a quirky way to display corks and beer bottle caps. You can even make a game out of it to see who can fill up their side faster!

Water Mister
Source: Amazon / Has
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16. Plant Mister

The Haws Plant Mister doubles as a watering device but also a chic accent piece. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, with this mister, you can make it look like you do!

Commercial Citrus Juicer
Source: Amazon / Cilio
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17. Commercial Citrus Juicer

Every well-versed chef has his fancy kitchen appliances. Even if you aren’t a master chef having the Cilio Commercial Grade Citrus Press Juicer will give it the illusion that you are. It looks very industrial and challenging to use when in reality you just throw half of a citrus fruit and pull down.

Floating Planter
Source: Amazon / Flyte
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18. Floating Planter

Wingardium Leviosa Succulent!

Take your home garden to a whole new level— literally. Your little plant friends can grow mid-air, for what reason? Just because they can!



Amazon Echo Bamboo Stand
Source: Amazon / Wasserstein
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19. Bamboo Amazon Echo Stand

Protect Alexa at all cost with a Bamboo Speaker Stand. You can now house her in a beautiful bamboo stand and never have to worry about her tipping over.

Cable Bin
Source: Amazon / Bluelounge
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20. Cable Bin

Keep your home cable free with a Bluelounge CableBin. The bamboo receptacle looks like a regular old trash bin, but when it opens, you can plug in all your electronics and have you space look less cluttered.


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