Eyebrow makeup that can last for days!

3 weeks ago

Beauty Busters (S02 E05)

On this episode of Beauty Busters, Annalee tests out the Maybelline Tattoo Studio to find out if their claim of “fully defined” brows that last up to two days is truth or fiction.

On this episode of Beauty Busters, Professional makeup artist Annalee Belle tries an eyebrow makeup to see if it can live up to some lofty claims of lasting for days!

From Annalee:

In the last couple of years, brows have become such a big part of our makeup looks. When I am working on a client, it is no longer uncommon for me to have to take an extra 10 to 15 minutes to get the brows perfected and full of life rather than just filling them in and giving a bit of shape. Long gone are the skinny minny brows of the early 2000s. With makeup brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills setting trends for fuller brows, people are embracing their natural fullness and even adding faux hairs with products for a more volumized effect.

Enter Maybelline TattooStudio with their claim of “fully defined” brows that last up to two days. I’m not one to wear my makeup overnight, but with a claim like that I feel like it might be able to withstand this Vegas summer heat and I am intrigued to say the least. Well it claims to be waterproof and not sweat proof, I decided to also test it out in a hot yoga class. I mean, if it ended up being a little sweat proof also I’m not gonna be mad about that!

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