Eye-Catching Nail Art For That “Who Is She?” Moment

5 months ago
Source: Pixabay / Bru-nO

Nail art can be a great way to release your creativity and try something new.

Here are my top 10 nail art looks, some are a bit unconventional but I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

Source: Julie Ventura
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1. Mali-BLUE

This look is one of my absolute favorites. It was inspired by the beautiful shades of blue from Malibu Beach and I really wanted to showcase the beauty of these colors on all skin tones.

Mermaid Scales
Source: Julie Ventura
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2. Mermaid Scales

Speaking of beaches, everything mermaids is o on trend right now! These nails were meant to capture the endless rainbow of colors reflected in their scales.

Pastel Geo Pattern
Source: Julie Ventura
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3. Pastel Geo Pattern

When you’re having a bad day, sometimes you just need some color to brighten it up! When I designed these nails, I wanted a pastel tie-dye effect and added a geometric pattern on top of these bad boys to give them some edge!

Hot Fire
Source: Julie Ventura
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4. Hot Fire

It really doesn’t get hotter than fire! You can easily style these rocker nails with some faux leather to keep your outfit just as bold as your nails.

Traditional Indian Bride
Source: Julie Ventura
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5. Traditional Indian Bride

These miniature works of art were created for a traditional Indian bride to match her breath-taking sari – a perfect example of having your nails complement your style.

Candy Queen
Source: Julie Ventura
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6. Candy Queen

If you have an addiction to candy like me, you might want to incorporate this design into your routine. Show your love for all these sweet with these intricate, hand-painted treats!

Ombre Striped Sunset
Source: Julie Ventra
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7. Striped Sunset

Living in LA, we get some gorgeous sunsets, which totally inspired this design. Have equally beautiful sunsets where you live? Ask for a warm-toned ombre look at the nail salon.

Oil Slick
Source: Julie Ventura
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8. Oil Slick

If you want to be seasons ahead on trends, try oil-slick nails. They’re eye-catching on every skin tone, and here, I used metallic flakes to get a true oil-slick effect.

Pretty in Pink
Source: Julie Ventura
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9. Pretty in Pink

One of my favorite nail designs for the minimalist, these delicate colorful arrows highlight precision. For your #ootd, try keeping it similarly simple – basic jeans, tops, and white sneakers could be a great look.

Skull Skillz
Source: Julie Ventura
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10. Skull skillz

Inspired by my brother who is an incredibly talented artist, this nail look is representative of a much large skull painting. If you have pieces of fine art you really appreciate, display that love on your nails.


Leave us comments about which design you’re getting done next time you go to the nail salon.