Does Deadpool 2 Stack Up In The Great Sequel Debate?

3 months ago

Working Title (S02 E08)

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Deadpool was a fun, refreshing twist on the formula, and, much like garth brooks is untethered Chris Gaines persona, it was a risky venture at first. Unlike Gaines, though, Deadpool wasn’t an embarrassing tragedy for everyone involved. We’re going to talk about it today on this episode of X Gonna Give It To Ya that’s a working title here on Guru Hub. I’m a big fan of the pool I call him that now for that one time only and never again his smart ass fourth wall breaking personas seemed perfectly crafted for Ryan Reynolds to step into and into Deadpool Reynolds went he went fully inside of him i’m aware of how this sounds DP2 takes the crazy antics of the first even further it’s not hindered with telling another origin story so it has more freedom to go hog wild as the kids say in 1862 as silly and stupid as it gets there is still a solid message of family and some touching moments throughout by Deadpool touches himself a lot Josh Brolin’s cable provided the perfect opposite for the merc with a mouth to play off of with plenty of awesome cameos and self deprecating humor Deadpool 2: Second Coming is more than welcome it’s one that stays true to the original tonally but separates itself with the unique story and fresh jokes i’m giving a nine out of ten chimichangas i asked the gang on twitter to give me their thoughts to help humanize me a bit even though i don’t give a shit what they really think um they’re pulled two is pretty funny i liked it more than i like the first good cameos loved it i mean come on if you can’t trust a grown adult going by the name of jordybaby who can you trust next up is Colin who may or may not be wearing clothes, was it a good time ? Yeah, good is the first thank you for that call, in your opinion couldn’t be any less clear. Last, but certainly least is Henrik, i think it’s great to gorilla, thumbs up to gorilla thumbs up. Indeed, i don’t even know what that means. Let’s talk, marketing. Sexy, provocative, tangible. These are all words i foolishly used in my linkedin profile. Deadpool’s marketing is brilliantly witty. The ad team put maximum effort into a siri’s of posters that either played up the love story aspect of the movie. We’re just straight mocked Ryan Reynolds past films. Multiple public service announcements were shot as well, but i think my favorite is a billboard featuring just a few tasteful emojis in the letter. L it’s, simple, it’s, classy, it’s, Deadpool. I’m touching myself tonight DP2’s, marketing and myself have a lot in common. We both have a flair for pageantry. We’re both unique were both clever. We both are disappointments in our father’s eyes you can see a music video of our hero ballet dancing to a beautiful song by Celine Dion. I mean, saying, beautiful and selene in the same breath, is a bit redundant, she’s, goddamn queen, yeah, she’s royalty. Anyway, my favorite adds son, was the transformation of a lot of big fox movie covers to feature only Deadpool. The list is expansive of some of these great marketing achievement. It’s everything from a bob ross trailer to Reynolds constantly trolling Hugh Jackman is wolverine on twitter, have you seen the d too many times to count are you looking for something new yet familiar to fill that hole ? I’m still aware of how this sounds then i have the movies for you Scott Pilgrim versus the world bomb pretty hard when it hit theaters in twenty ten but it’s not apologizing for that it’s an odd flick featuring a multitude of video game and pop culture references clever in your face easter eggs a vegan superman a douchey skateboarding captain America and a really great cast kick ass is a violent heart our action comedy that doesn’t pull its punches this flick features a preteen girl going on a murderous rampage to the hits on reputation it’s glorious. the X Men First Class and Kingsmen director knows how to frame up great action scenes the humor can be just as terrific with a good chunk of laughs coming for normal people attempting to be superheroes it has a very mystery men vibe to it you know except good apparently twenty ten was the year of quirky films as super was also released to the world and by world i mean the twelve or so people that actually went out and watched this movie it turns out this dark comedy written and directed by James Gunn is a nice little rainy afternoon watch gun would later go on to direct big blockbusters like the guardians of the galaxy series but this was a nice grounded starter doesn’t hurt that rain Wilson, Ellen page, Nathan Fillion and Kevin Bacon are also attached. Not only do i think Deadpool one and two are awesome, i think Ryan Reynolds definitely deserves and earned this franchise. Van wilder put in the work for years to see this movie get made, and he made it the right way. Before this, Reynolds didn’t have a whole lot of big films going on. Hell, he didn’t have a whole lot going on in general outside of being a really, really, really good looking man with the smoking hot wife, millions of dollars in the bank account, tons of adoring fans, an infectious personality that draws anybody in like a magnet. Yeah, he he really needed this win. Thank you, thanks for watching this episode of there will be blood reviews. That’s, a working title, obviously let’s roll out with a little bit of hollaback girl, which was featured in the test footage of dead pool, not in the final film, but i can’t get enough of that fucking song (hollaback girl)

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