DIY Succulent Terrarium That Doesn’t Succ

BY Mia Lepp
5 months ago
Succulent Terrarium
Source: Pexels / Scott Webb

You’ve seen it on Instagram, you’ve seen it on Pinterest, even at your favorite brunch spot and your best friend’s house; succulents are everywhere! They were a favorite home decor element for 2017 and are continuing to be one for 2018, and the reason is they are entirely brown thumb proof. While not impossible to kill they are pretty low maintenance and actually prefer to be left on their own. So being the money conscious millennials that what we want our parents to think we are, we found a way to DIY your own succulent terrarium that way you can have some greenery in your house, sorry rental, without breaking the bank, well at least not on plants your praying will stay alive.

Check out this simple tutorial!


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