Deadpool 2 Wishlist

2 months ago
Deadpool 2 Featured Image
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Deadpool 2 is less than a month away and expectations are high for the merc with a mouth’s 2nd outing. I have no doubt the film will be chalk-full of pop culture and meta references but I have a few specific things I’d love to see.

1. X-Men Cameos
Source: Fox Movies
1 / 5

1. X-Men Cameos

Deadpool is currently a FOX film property and part of the X-Men universe, yet none of the original cast or films play a part in Deadpool’s movie. He does, however, poke plenty of fun at Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. I want them to go further with this and see Logan show up! Yes, the character was effectively killed off but once more, the rules don’t seem to apply in Pool’s film. It would be truly amazing if Patrick Stewart’s Xavier made an appearance too.

Source: Fox Movies
2 / 5

2. Bigger Action

The highlights in the first movie fell more on the humor side of things, with action being a bit sparse. That’s not to say there wasn’t anything cool there. The car chase and bridge shootout were definite standout moments. I’d like to see a bigger emphasis on crazy action comedy and really push that R-rating by using those swords with maximum effort.

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3 / 5

3. The Soundtrack

Music really helped sell the insanity of Deadpool’s picture. X Gonna Give it to Ya and Shoop being the standouts. So far the trailers haven’t really given us anything at that level. Hopefully the final product has more of those sweet 90’s jams and less of the generic superhero theme.

In a demo concept of the 1st film, our hero is killing bad guys to the tune of Hollaback Girl. It didn’t make it into the actual release so I’m hoping it makes the cut in the sequel.

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4 / 5

4. DC Shade

I’m not sure how much wiggle room these movies get but a few shots at the DC films would go a long way. Ryan Reynolds is no slouch when it comes to cracking jokes on twitter with the Justice League cast. Let’s make it happen in the context of the sequel now. Even if it means having Deadpool with a cgi upper lip for a few shots. A nod to the whole Henry Cavill/Superman mustache debacle.

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5 / 5

5. The Look

Finally, have more fun with the film style. The biggest complaint I had of the first installment was the generic look/feel. I’d like to see the new director, David Leitch, take a page from the Scott Pilgrim movie. Play with on-screen text more, flip perspectives to first-person or studio audience sitcom. He did, on occasion, break the 4th wall but there are so many possibilities to tap into.

This of course is just a wishlist of ideas and not a requirement for me to enjoy the picture. I think Reynolds is sticking with the same vision that made the last one work so well and I can’t wait to see what they have cooked up, come May 18th!

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