Community Service & Volunteer Opportunities with Do Good I Do’s

2 weeks ago
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Love can make you feel invincible! Might as well put that energy to good use! These are just some ideas (see if you can even keep it going beyond your wedding!) Combine all the things you care about, get your guests on board, add in the power of love [queue Celine Dion’s song of the same name] and bam! You just made the world a little better 🙂

Drew and I learning how to bead with Mamma Selene on a Me to We trip to Kenya.

1. Volunteer Together!

Couples that do good together, stay together. I’m sure there’s a study somewhere to support this. 🙂 One of the things I love most about Drew is his genuine generosity. We both truly believe that whatever voices and skills we have, are meant to be shared to make the world a better place. Whether you have a love for art, a knack in building, a voice of an angel (definitely, not me!), there are so many ways to share your talent and passions to help those in need.

Here we are designing the plates we made with Fortessa for our wedding favors! Couples that throw clay together… 😀

2. Shop for a Good Cause

There are many stores and products that will donate a certain percentage of proceeds to charities. Round out your gift registry with some! Enjoy a cool experience while supporting a cause on Airbnb Social Impact Experiences! Everything you buy on Me to We makes a positive impact in developing communities around the world. We put our wedding favors on Amazon so that everyone else can also enjoy a slice of our wedding! These were handmade with love and with every purchase, $25 goes towards WE. We selected these Wayfair items that we would include in our own registry. These are perfect because newlyweds almost always will need furniture and decor for their home. These ones give back to charity, too! Websites like Zola allow you to add a variety of products as well as charities to your registry!

3. Do you need another toaster?

If so, great! Check out # 2 on this list. If not, redirect your giving guests to a charitable cause you and your partner are passionate about! Drew and I asked our guests to donate to WE to help give families clean water for life!

Getting beautiful letters and invitations in the mail is wonderful. But with our invite list at around 400 people, we decided to save paper and send out e-invitations instead. This also saved time and was easier for us to manage quickly instead of waiting on guests to mail their responses.

Check out my favorite e-invitation sites:

5. Something Borrowed…

Not sure where this tradition came from but I like it. I’ve always loved stealing my sister’s clothes lol, so when it came to wedding events, this was no exception. Your mum, sisters or girlfriends surely have useful things they’d happily lend you for the big day. This saves money and can be more sentimental.

The beautiful bridesmaids in dresses by Reformation. Source: Dennys Ilic

6. Good lookin’…

I was surprised at all the great companies that produce gorgeous products while keeping eco-conscious and ethical practices at their forefront — from jewelry to shoes, dresses, and cosmetics. It is possible to look good and feel good about what you’re putting on your body knowing that it was made right.

Check out some of my favorite eco-conscious and ethical companies:

The thought of smelling my bouquet makes me smile 🙂

7. Flower Power

Flowers have the power to fill us with calm and make us smile. With all the hard work that goes into your wedding day floral designs, why not spread the joy by donating the flowers afterward? Be a good bud and look up businesses that will repurpose your flowers, delivering them to places like nursing homes and shelters.

8. Loco for Local

Shop llocally as much as you can! In addition to saving from transportation and shipping, shopping local will give your special day an identity of its own that will be unique to this specific time and place. Create a local and seasonal dinner menu; hire local photographers and makeup artists; buy flowers from the local florist… all these elements will create an even stronger connection to where you hold your big day!

9. Good Ol’ Carpooling…

We encouraged guests to shuttle to and from the airport and hotel together. We were so delighted to hear that some guests who didn’t even know each other prior, ended up carpooling and riding together!

Our welcome party centerpieces – fresh basil!!! They smelled sooooo good 😀
Our rehearsal Dinner place settings.

10. Natural Decor

We aimed to use as many natural elements as possible for decor. Bonus points if the centerpieces are edible! Like the basil plants, we had lining the long tables at our welcome party and the green pears we used to decorate each place setting at the rehearsal dinner 🙂

Looking forward to seeing all the ways in which your love can change the world!!