Cheesy Travel Destinations… Literally

BY GuruHub Squad
1 month ago
National Cheese Day Featured Image
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**WARNING** The following is not for the faint of lactose.

Yes… you read the title right, we’re breaking down the best places in the world to get cheese in all of its glorious forms. Plan your next travel destinations around the best restaurants and eateries from around the world. For everything dairy and delicious, here are our favorite cheese dishes you will want to travel to try ASAP!

1. Pasta in a Cheese Wheel – London, UK

We’re starting off your cheesy stuffed world tour with this mouth-watering cheesy pasta from The Cheese Wheel UK.

2. Burger Patty Filled with Cheese – Baku, Azerbaycan

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The Mangal Steak House has everything from pasta, tomahawk steaks, and our favorite the burger stuffed with cheese. Make sure you plan ahead and make reservations before traveling to Baku, because this Instagram worthy location is sought after!

3. Poutine – Canada

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Poutine… more like poutine-ing more cheese curds and fries in my belly! Poutine is a combination of gravy, cheese curds, fries with an assortment of different additional toppings, everywhere from veggies and meats.

4. Lobster Mac and Cheese – Cleveland, OH, USA

Lobster mac and cheese isn’t limited to Ohio, but The Boiler 65 fuses Asian and Cajun flavors to tops their mac with everything from lobster, shrimp, and other seafood. Plus if you’re there to curb your seafood craving, they also have seafood in a bag with cajun spices.


5. Aligot – France

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For those that have not had the delight of aligot, its a blend of cheese and potatoes that is hard to find without going to an actual French bistro! So unless your next vacation is to France, check out Tastemade’s video on how to make aligot.

6. Khachapuri – Georgian

Khachapuri is a Georgian dish influenced from Caucasian, Eastern European and nearby Middle Eastern culinary traditions and is made from leavened bread, egg, assorted toppings, and last but not least… cheese! The ooey gooey-ness of the cheese mixed with the yolk of the sunny side up egg is something worth traveling for.

7. Fondue – Rosemary Beach, Florida, USA

We all can’t make it to Switzerland for some authentic Swiss fondue, but if you want to indulge in some melty and cheesy goodness La Crema Tapas has your back. You can enjoy small plates with friends and even finish off your meal with cheese fondues fond cousin chocolate fondue!

8. Donut Grilled Cheese – New York, NY, USA

Clinton Hall has taken our beloved donuts and fused them with the best topping/filling in the world (cheese) to create this masterpiece. It’s served on a hook over a pot of tomato soup!

9. Cheese Rolls – California, USA

If you know… you know! The cheese rolls from Porto’s Bakery and Cafe are an elevated cheese danish and croissant hybrid that will make you want to travel to California just for these puppies. You can buy them individually, but out-of-towners buy them by the dozens to bring back home to share with everyone they know.

10. Raclette – New York, NY, USA

We are sure you’ve seen this one on your Instagram feed at least once and we have tracked it down for you. Raclette NYC scrapes a melted cheese wheel on top of vegetables, meats, bread, and various other mediums to eat cheese.

Leave us comments below about your favorite cheese dishes and recipes.