Cheesy Gifts For Pizza Lovers

BY GuruHub Squad
5 months ago
Pizza Hero

Pizza, pizza, pizza. 

There’s nothing really to say but it is hands down one of the best foods known to man. It’s not even up for debate, heck some people even go as far as to say it’s the sixth food group. You can put meats and veggies on it, make it vegan and gluten free, there are chips that are pizza flavored, and even pizza topped with even more pizza.

Here are 10 pizza themed items for our extreme pizza lovers:

(DISCLAIMER: No pizzas were harmed in the making of this list)

Pizza Throw Blanket
Source: Typo
1 / 10

1. Pizza Throw Blanket

Keep warm like you’re in a convection oven with this combination pizza inspired throw from Australian-based company, Typo.

Neon Pizza Sign
Source: Urban Outfitters
2 / 10

2. Pizza Neon Light

Get a slice of those pizza shop vibes in the comfort of your own home with this neon acrylic sign from Urban Outfitters. Make pizza night even more lit!

Pizza Garland
Source: Paper Source
3 / 10

3. Pizza Garland

Make a pizza party an even cheesier celebration with this Italian inspired garland from Paper Source. Be surrounded by pizza while you eat it!

Pizza Pillow
Source: Typo
4 / 10

4. Pizza Pillow

Rest your pepperoni-loving head on Typo’s cheesy cushions, the perfect accent pillow for any pizza lover’s couch.

Pizza Slippers
Source: Amazon / Silver Lilly
5 / 10

5. Pizza Slippers

Slip into something a little more comfy with these pepperoni pizza slippers. Show your toes some love by wrapping them in some cheesy goodness.

Pizza Best Friend Necklaces
Source: Amazon / MJartoria
6 / 10

6. Pizza Best Friend Necklaces

Get your pizza gang the chains to represent the crust crew. Enough slices to share with your sauce squad!

Pizza Socks
Source: Etsy / MegCyprianStore
7 / 10

7. Pizza Socks

MAMA MIA— It’s a (sock) pizza!! Grab a slice of your favorite toppings; Hawaiian, meat lovers, veggie, and mushroom for your feet.

Pizza Highlight
Source: Etsy / Touchofglambeauty
8 / 10

8. Pizza Highlight

Is that grease or is that highlight? We may never know! Make your highlight pepperoni poppin’ with this hand tossed makeup.

Pizza Candle
Source: Etsy / GourmetCandle
9 / 10

9. Pizza Candle

Don’t worry about cutting carbs with this candle. Get the smell of pizza without the calories!

Pizza Pants
Source: Amazon / Dorathy
10 / 10

10. Pizza Pants

You definitely gonna need some stretchy pants for all the pizza you’re eating. Perfect to show how passionate you are about all things pizza.


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