Bedroom Decor Items to Spice Up Your Love Life

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5 months ago
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Valentine’s Day— whether you’re single or have a significant other the day still comes around every year. Tis the season for retailers to jack up the prices on chocolates and flowers; and the stigma and anticipation of special and extremely intimate time with your partner in the bedroom.

But why limit sexy time to only one day a year. You can hone in sexy and romantic overtures into your bedroom year round, without having to go full 50 Shades of Grey.

Here are 10 hot and steamy elements you can decorate with to turn the heat up in the bedroom:

Silk Sheets
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1. Silk Sheets

Silk has a long run for being THE sexiest fabric, as we’ve seen historically with its use in lingerie. Its butter soft to the touch will add an extra sensual sensation to your intimate time with your partner.

These aren’t for everyday use since they can be difficult to clean, but to pull out a couple of times a year will definitely make any moment extra special. Plus you don’t have to go red if that’s not what you’re into. There are so many color options to match your mood and a ton of inexpensive pairs on the market.

Vanilla Scented Candles
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2. Vanilla Scented Candles

We all know candles will set the mood. TV and movies have repeatedly told us this our entire lives, but did you know that the scent vanilla is an aphrodisiac for men. It dates all the way back to the 1700’s when physicians would prescribe it to men to combat impotence.

LE Color Changing Light
Source: Amazon
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3. Mood Lighting

Forget the clap off lights and take mood lighting to a new level. Lighting Ever dimmable and color changing light bulbs lets you take charge of the sexy time mood with a sensual red or a blissful blue! With dimmable lights, you can play up how mysterious you want to be or how you want the room to feel.

Luxury elegance bedroom close up with pillow.
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4. Plush Throw Pillows

Plush throws can double as a decorative piece on your bed or be a functional piece when trying out new positions. Plus, they’ll make your room look good, so why not?

Sensual Art
Source: Wayfair
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5. Sensual Art

The art you have in your bedroom really speaks a ton about you as a person. Hang a painting like this one by John Silver to give off that you’re open and receptive to sex. Another form of art is music, and playing the right music can help to get you and your partner in the mood. We recommend an after-hours playlist that way you won’t get distracted or turned off by a song killing the mood on shuffle.

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6. Canopies

Canopies create an enclosed private area to make moments even more intimate. You don’t necessarily need to have a bed frame to drape linens. You can DIY it and drill some hooks and hardware into the ceiling to drape your choice of fabrics.

Round Bed
Source: Coleman
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7. Round Beds

Thanks to Hugh Hefner and the movie Austin Powers we associate round beds with sex. Your bed doesn’t have to be as tacky as theirs, but it will radiate sex when you walk into the room. A round bed like this one from Coleman Furniture will give you more circumference to try different moves and positions without someone’s head or body slipping off.

Faux Fur
Source: West Elm
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8. Faux Fur Throw Blankets

Faux fur blankets add another soft sensation that adds to your sense of touch. It feels so soft on bare skin and looks good on the floor too. And if you are both GoT fans, you can even throw in some role-playing, to slay (ride? Might be too much)  the dragon.

Source: Luxe Home Philadelphia
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9. Bed Frames with Posts

Need we explain why? Nothing says cuffing season, like being cuffed. Not to mention those post will help you when things get a little bit rough… if you know what we mean!

Source: Pexels / Gallila-Photo
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10. Full Length Mirrors

Do you look at yourself every time you pass a mirror? Then this tip is for you, but you’re probably thinking, “how the heck can mirrors be sexy?”

It’s not so the design of the mirror itself, but more so the actions the mirror will reflect. You probably already have a mirror in your bedroom, so it might just be making some readjustments.

But before you get to decorating remember:

Cleanliness is sexy

Cohesive colors are friendly & inviting

Don’t overthink it!


Leave us comments about the sexiest bedroom decor items you have.