A Corner Desk Is Key To A Small Office Space

2 months ago

Saving Space (S01 E01)

In Saving Space, Nikki Egdamin demonstrates how life in a small space doesn’t have to mean cramped and cluttered, it’s easy to get a clean and chic look with a little creativity. In every episode Nikki gives us tips to make the most of the space you do have, and how to live comfortably in a small space.

Everyone, I’m Nikki Egdamin and welcome to Saving Space with Nikki where I help bring smart style to your space on GuruHub.

On my socials, I asked what you need help with, and Emily says, “I don’t have an office, but in my home, I have no clue how to store my mail.” While the Lakeitha and Miko want to know how and where they can organize files and craft supplies.

I’ll be sharing some tips on how to create a small office area that’s, organized and functional, without taking up lots of space in your home by utilizing an available corner. What I like about a corner desk is it takes up less room than a long rectangular desk and it really maximizes the space really well. You can tuck it in the corner and still have a lot of desktop space. Look for a desk that has some open shelving. This is a great place to add decor pieces such as books or little trinkets and a perfect place to store all of your boxes that you need at your desk.

Stylish photo and storage boxes keep your papers and office essentials organized and separated. Use labels easily find and sort what you have. Bottom shelf helps keep printers and larger items off of the floor. Prevent clutter by giving each item in an assigned space. To contain your files and important papers I suggest a large accordion file where he can easily label categories, keep the papers, need and find what you need fast. My tip is to sort your mail each day and file them if needed to prevent them from piling up during the week.

Elevate your monitor for a comfortable line of sight and find a foldable desk lamp for a sleek, minimalist look. The little details make the biggest difference. I love having a decorative pencil cup something that fits your style with a little bit of accessories. Some cute pens on tools, keep your desktop tidy and functional by organizing what you need at arms reach a small container for odds and ends on a small door to hold sticky notes and even your craft supplies. And don’t forget to take advantage of the wall space. I love putting a whiteboard or corkboard that can serve as an inspiration board or a place to put some important memos. These corkboards are really inexpensive and easy to find.

Keep track of important dates with a hanging wall calendar. Add a personal touch by adding your favorite books, a touch of greenery or a marquee sign are just a few ways to sow this space. A modern desk chair, styled with a comfy throw blanket and pillow, elevates the look to make this into a cozy corner. You, too, can create a productive and stylish workspace dedicated to your work or get hobbies done. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice how and function when working with a small space. That’s it for today’s episode of Saving Space with Nikki. I hope you were inspired and got some tips to transform your small space insurance. Use the hashtag #GuruHub on your socials, letting me know what small space problems you need to be solved for a chance to be featured in the next episode.

Do you ever feel like your mail is always piling up or find yourself doing work on the kitchen table? Check out Nikki’s tips for creating a stylish yet space-saving home office and how to organize all of your important documents!

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