5 Must-Haves to Find Time for Fitness

6 months ago
Kettle Ball

We make plans to hit the gym or go for a run, but it often just doesn’t happen. Life gets in the way. Schedules get crazy, and the next thing you know, you’re wondering where the day went!

If finding time for fitness is one of your biggest challenges, you’ll want to see how these 5 must-haves can help you find time for fitness in your everyday life.

Fitness doesn’t have to happen in a gym or a studio; it can happen wherever you are. Check out these things you can wear or bring with you, so you can exercise anytime and anywhere. You may be surprised at how many you already have!

Water Bottle
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1. Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle has two important functions:

1. It will keep water at your fingertips so you can stay hydrate.

2. It can be used as a hand weight to do bicep or tricep curls.

Go for at least a 33oz bottle and you’ve got a 2 lb weight you can use anywhere to work those arms!

Step Tracker
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2. Step Tracker

Get in that recommended 10,000 steps without hitting the gym! Walking is one of the best exercises we can do. Using a step tracker, whether it’s a fashionable one or simply an app on your phone, can give you reminders and the motivation to get moving.

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3. Flats

Have a few pairs of flats or fashionable tennis shoes that go with any outfit. Shoes that pinch your toes or have a high heel, are a no-go for everyday wear, no matter how stylish they are! Pick out shoes that will allow you to walk and even get in a squat or two. Did someone say shoe shopping?!

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4. Scarf

You don’t have to live in cold temps to always carry a scarf. It’s a great multi-tasker that can be used to help you stretch or be balled up like a fitness ball for an inner thigh workout.

5. Journal
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5. Journal

Fitness includes our body and our minds, so it’s important to take care of our mental state, too. Journaling is a great way to do that! For starters, write down one thing a day that you’re grateful for, and you’ll start to see the positive health effects, like fewer aches and pains and better sleep.


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