5 Cheap Alternatives to Buying a Standing Desk

5 months ago
Businesswoman holding glass of water while standing in the office

You can easily find time for fitness by bringing it into an everyday activity like working on your computer. We can spend anywhere from 7-15 hours a day sitting. This sedentary lifestyle can significantly increase our risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, and other major health issues. An easy way to address this sitting challenge is to simply stand up more.

With all the hours we spend in front of a computer, sit-stand desks are becoming more popular, but they can still range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars or more. If you’re just not ready to invest in one or you don’t have the space, here are a few low-cost ways to work on a laptop while standing up. You probably already have all of these things at home!

Source: Pixabay / ErikaWittlieb
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1. Kitchen Counter

Counters give you an additional 5” to 10” in height compared to a desk, so you can easily put your laptop down and stand up to work.

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2. Stack of Books

Dust off a few of those books you may be using as a door stopper. They’ll come in handy as a cheap way to lift up your laptop. Stack as many books as you need to keep your elbows bent at 90-degrees when you’re using the keyboard.

Cardboard boxes
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3. Cardboard Box

Recycle a shipping box as a standing desk. Add some additional tape on the joints for support and then wrap it in paper to match your decor.

Breakfast Tray
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4. Breakfast Tray

It’s not just for special occasions! Bring out that breakfast tray, and put it on top of your desk or table to hold your laptop.

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5. Bookshelves

Clear off the top of a low bookshelf or adjust one of the shelves to support your laptop so the screen is at eye level. This option is better if you’re doing more reading than typing.


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