20 Types of People You Will See At Coachella

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3 months ago
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Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is almost here. You need to prepare not only your outfits and gear, but also yourselves — for the kind of people you’re going to meet. The most eclectic, diverse, and fun loving crowd flock to the Empire Polo Fields to enjoy the food, art, music, and unique atmosphere.

We’ve talked with multiple experienced festival goers and here are the top 20 types of people you will see at Coachella:

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1. The Teens

Coachella has no age limit, which is why the festival is littered with the under 18’s. It’s one of the only festivals that doesn’t have an age limit and it’s one of the most popular festivals of the year, so obviously teeny boppers flood the crowds for the hype. They travel in large packs and will probably ask to buy your alcohol wristband.

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2. Squad “Moms”

This is a loose term. It could be an actual mom with her kid but most of the times it’s the “mom” figure in the group. Male, female, young, old they’re all considered the mom of the group because they usually are the one that is wearing the huge bag packed the sunscreen, water bottles, bandaids, jackets, snacks, and anything else to be prepared for the festival. At the end of the night they are usually taking care of their friends that are throwing up or running around trying to find their friend who is lost.

Frat Bros
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3. Frat Bros

You know how to spot the frat bros, they travel in their frat pack and usually 9/10 times are shirtless. Plus their letters are usually hoisted 20 feet into the air on the campgrounds, so you for sure know where to spot them. Plus they will ask you who you know at their camp spot.

Too Hard Too Early
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4. People Who Went Too Hard Too Early

The last person you want to be and the easiest to spot. They’re usually laying in the grass taking an alcohol included nap or hunched over a trash can. If they’re surrounded by friends don’t worry, but if they are by themselves you might want to grab a medic.

PRO TIP: You gotta pace yourself out there, the festival goes from noon to a little past midnight. You don’t want to miss your favorite artist, because you went too hard too early. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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5. Celebs

You rarely see them just walking around the festival site, but the best weekend for that is the first. You’ll probably only see paparazzi photos of them on social media before you actually see them on the actual festival grounds. But if you do, you’ll know. The best place to spot them is at the main stage in the VIP section during the last acts of the night.

Social Media Addicts
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6. Social Media Addicts

The festival is a way for them to boost their socials. There wasn’t anyone really exciting on the lineup for them, but they know Coachella gets likes. So they had to get their follow to like ratio by blasting Instagram, live tweeting, and Snapping the whole experience through snap filters.

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7. Shoulder Riders

There’s a love-hate relationship for the shoulder riders. As the shoulder rider you get an awesome view of the venue and the stage, plus pics make you look cool as hell. But on the opposite side of that, everyone behind you hates you because you’re blocking the stage.

Almost Naked People
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8. Almost Naked People

Even though you don’t want to see them, you will. You’ll most likely see a couple guys rocking the banana hammock, a speedo with an inflatable tube or girls wearing only pasties. Make sure you have the eye bleach handy.

Instagram Models
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9. Instagram Models

Usually spotted when the sun is still up and the lighting is A1. Sometimes accompanied by someone carrying a huge professional camera and more often than not will be adorned by VIP wristbands. They don’t leave the beer gardens or VIP unless it’s for pictures with art installations.

The Oldies
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10. The Oldies

Like we said before there is no age limit for Coachella. There’s really no age limit to loving music, which is why there is always a large turn out of the oldies. We don’t say this in a disrespectful way either, it’s amazing that they make the trip for the love of music. But it’s usually warranted by a nostalgic artist on the lineup.

Couples Making Out
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11. Couples Making Out

Coachella really gets some festival goers in the mood. It might be because of the level of intoxication but our festival experts have had some experiences where they have seen people rolling in the grass having a full on make out session.

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12. Couples Fighting

Again with a mixture of alcohol and emotions you’re bound to see couples making out and fighting. Tensions are high and the heat doesn’t help with the irritability. The best thing is to steer clear of them and not them ruin your vibe.

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13. Parents With Kids

We don’t exactly know why this happens, but it’s more often than not. Kids 5 and under have free admission into the festival. If you do run into any parents with kids, they are usually dressed up in Coachella fashion for mommy’s blog posts.

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14. Artist Pass A-Holes

These people let them know who they are, even if you don’t ask. They’ll (not so) subtly flash you their “Artist” wristband and let you know how they got it. You’ll hear all about what they do for the artist or how much they paid for the wristband.

Hardcore Raves
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15. Ravers

You’ll find most of the hardcore ravers at the Sahara, Yuma, and The Do Lab stages. More likely than not they’ll have kandi and be head banging the whole day. You can tell the difference between raver fashion and the overall Coachella fashion. Rave couture is much bolder than the usual softer and earthy indie vibe. Even though they look like most intimidating and intense crowd, they’re actually super friendly and will dance with anyone!

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16. Fashionistas

Coachella fashion is its own culture in itself and we look forward to see what it brings us each year. It’s stepped away from the early years of flower headbands and is now a precedent for summer fashion trends. The fashionista’s are the ones we are all jealous of with the bohemian-chic outfits, perfectly styled hair, and makeup that last the whole day.

Festie Besties
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17. Festie Besties

They will probably ask you to take their picture in front of the ferris wheel or of them with a watermelon slice. Undoubtedly, they will always be together like their tied at the hip and if they aren’t together you’ll hear them looking for each other.

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18. Zombies

These are the people that went to hard but haven’t passed out yet. They’re the ones with a glazed over look, staring into the lights or laying in the grass looking up at the art installations. No need to call a medic, they’re having a good time… we think.

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19. The First Timers

The doe-eyed newbies are easy to spot. They look flustered AF from the sensory overload that is Coachella. There is so much to do, see, eat, drink, dance to, and experience for the first time. They’re willing to spend all their money on merch from their first Chella and will ask you to help them find a stage.

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20. Seasoned Veterans

Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival has been running since 1999 and there are a select few that have the complete knowledge and insight about the festival. They’re the people that have years under their belt and know everything about the festival. They know what time to get to the campground to get the best spots, how much and what to pack, best spots to see the stages, the least used restrooms, and how to sneak in the goods. They can relax with their feet up, because they have the festival down to a science.

Leave us comments about what type of festival goer you are and what types of people you’ve encountered at music festivals.