15 Simple Ways To Help Heal The Earth

BY GuruHub Squad
3 months ago
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Earth Day is April 22nd!

We only have one Earth, so we need to help minimize our carbon emissions, recycle and do anything and everything we can do to help heal our planet. We can’t erase the harms we’ve done to our planet, but if we all take simple steps we can slow down it’s effects and reverse them.

Here are 15 easy steps you can do today and everyday to reduce our carbon emission and strive for a longer life for our planet.

1. Clean Up Beach & National Parks
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1. Clean Up The Beach or National Park

Rubbish on the streets, in our oceans, and in our parks is extremely harmful to our environment. There are organizations in almost every state that have volunteer opportunities to help clean up our national beaches and parks. Not only is this an amazing way to help protect our environment, but next time you go to the beach you don’t have to worry about getting cut by glass while you’re walking barefoot on the beach.

Check out our favorite organization, so you can get involved this Earth Day:

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2. Use Biodegradable & Reusable Products

Skip the plastic at the grocery store and go for reusable tote bags or instead of buying a case of water buy a reusable one. Forget plastic cutlery, use one that you can wash instead. We need to stop sending to the waste and take corrective action.

Use Cold Water When Possible
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3. Use Cold Water When Possible

Heating water uses more water overall. It takes more water, because of the time it takes to heat it up. Try using cold water when possible when washing clothes, dishes, and even taking showers.

4. Compost
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4. Compost

Instead of sending all of your waste to the landfills, try starting your own compost. You can help save the limited amount of space on this planet. In return, you get some nice fertilizer to start your own garden. You’re helping the planet twice as much with this one.

Check out the Green Action Center’s full list of reasons to compost.

5. Rideshare Or Ride Your Bike
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5. Ride Share Or Ride Your Bike

If you can carpool or ride your bike any time, DO IT! The less cars on the road means the less emissions in the air. Plus if you ride share, you can hop in the HOV lane and shave some minutes off your morning commute!

6. Reuse & Repurpose
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6. Reuse & Repurpose

Instead of throwing out old shoe boxes try and use them for storage. You can recycle old marinara sauce jars or you can repurpose them as plant pots for an herb garden.

Check out Budget Savvy Diva’s DIY use of old pasta sauce jars for plants.

7. Take Public Transit
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7. Take Public Transit

Using public transit is just another huge ride share. It takes hundreds of thousands of cars off the road. Using the bus or train, could also be cheaper for you in the long run. Save money and save the planet.

8. Plant a Tree
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8. Plant a Tree

Plant a tree or any plant! Plants are our friends. They help provide the earth with oxygen, so the more plants the better. There are tons of “Plant A Tree” foundations, if you want to do something bigger than just growing your own garden. Check out tree planting programs in your national parks here.

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9. Recycle

Help save the Earth small steps at a time by recycling. Rigid plastics and bottles, paper and cardboard, metals, and glass are all recyclable, but make sure you know how to recycle these. Each city has different way they recycle, so check out your local waste management website before you throw.

Take Shorter Showers
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10. Take Shorter Showers

Without water we can’t survive as a species, so in order to conserve water avoid taking baths and taking hour long showers. The water tables are dropping, we can each do our part in saving the earth by saving water.

11. Open Your Windows
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11. Open Your Windows

Instead of using air conditioning throughout the day open up your windows at the coolest parts of the day, i.e the mornings and evenings. A majority of the population uses air conditioners and they’re all emitting carbon dioxide into the air. Which cause the planet to warm. Use them, but strategically!

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12. Donate Don’t Throw Away

Someone’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you were thinking about throwing out old clothes, decorations, home appliances, etc. donate it! Try donating to homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, even Goodwill before throwing it away. Always try to think of ways to reduce the amounts we’re sending to landfills.

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13. Use Natural Fibers

Purchasing and using natural fiber clothing and products. Natural fibers is less toxic and more sustainable when compared to synthetic fibers. Plus organic clothing is all the rage right now, so you’ll be on trend!

Check out some of our favorite natural fiber clothing brands:

14. Buy Locally Produced Items
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14. Buy Locally Produced Items

Shopping for produce that is local eliminates the need to have things shipped in huge semi-trucks. Those huge trucks emit a ton of carbon into the air and is harmful to the O-zone. Plus you can support your community!

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15. Stay Informed

Being informed about the products and foods we consume, how it effects the planet and the policies being evoked to help/harm our planet is imperative. In order to make a change we need to be aware of what needs to be changed and how we can change it.

We encourage you to do research on local laws, regulations and talk to the political leaders in your community to get them behind bills that will help the environment. If enough of us show that we want to take care of our planet they’ll have to add our concerns to their agenda if they want to be reelected.

Check out our favorite organizations that fighting to help better the planet:

Leave us comments about ways you help save the environment.