10 Times Han Solo Was a Complete Badass

BY GuruHub Squad
3 months ago

A swaggering self-confidence in the face of overwhelming defeat. A deep well of resourcefulness borne out of self-reliance. A refusal to follow the rules. These are the hallmarks of The Badass.

Chief among them: Han Solo.

Star Wars needed his cowboy cool and facade of selfish indifference to counter the earnest white-knighting of Luke Skywalker. It’s no wonder he’s the first to get a full-on prequel. Disney and Lucasfilm delve into the origins of the galaxy’s greatest gunslinger on May 25th with the release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

To prepare you, here are 10 times Han Solo was at his most badass… so far.

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1. The Time We First Met Him

Han Solo’s badassery begins right from his first scene in “A New Hope.” Whether he’s bragging to Luke and Obi-wan about his outlaw cred or smooth-talking bug-faced Greedo, Solo exudes confidence and charisma. And when charm fails there’s always the blaster.

We’re not going to relitigate the most controversial scene in revisionist history, but every true Star Wars fan knows that Han shot first. Period.

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2. The Time He Talked His Way...into Trouble

Case in point: this hilariously awkward attempt to pass as a prison sentry on the Death Star. Ah well, when words fail Solo, there’s always the blaster.

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3. The Time He Breached Starkiller

In “The Force Awakens” Han, Chewie, and Finn have a plan to infiltrate Starkiller Base (the First Order’s bigger, badder Death Star). To do that, they have somehow fly the Millennium Falcon through Starkiller’s impenetrable shields. Han may be rusty at flying the Falcon, but he’s enough of a badass to ignore the rules, even the rules of physics.

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4. The Time He Called BS on The Force

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side,” Han scoffs at wide-eyed Luke in Episode 4. His self-assured pragmatism may belie a fear of things he can’t control but one thing is sure: Han sure loves his blaster.

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5. The Time He Wasn’t Even Trying

“The Empire Strikes Back” left us in an unsettlingly dark place. So “Return of the Jedi” was bound to open up with some payback: Solo’s revenge on his nemesis Boba Fett. Yet, when the confrontation comes about, a nearly-blind Han accidentally launches Fett into Jabba’s sail barge and then into the waiting jaws of the Sarlacc.

Sometimes Han is badass without even trying.




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6. The Time C-3PO Told Him the Odds

Early on in “Empire Strikes Back”, the Falcon is fleeing imperial warships after the fall of Hoth, but they can’t jump to lightspeed. Their only hope to evade swarming Tie Fighters is to lead them into an asteroid field. C-3P0 calculates the odds of survival at “3,720 to 1”.

Never tell Han Solo the odds.

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7. The Time He Slept with Luke

Han may be a self-serving scoundrel when we meet him, but by the time “Empire” starts he’s family. So when Luke fails to return to Hoth base Han doesn’t hesitate to search for his friend. As the sub-zero Hoth night sets, Han improvises a unique winter shelter for them both.

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8. The Time He Knocked Darth Vader into Space

By the third act of “A New Hope”, we pretty much know Han is a jerk. Sure, he helped save the Princess and recover the Death Star plans. But then he collects his reward and peace’s out on the rebellion, leaving Luke alone as Darth Vader closes in for the kill.

Looks like Solo isn’t the badass hero we thought he was… or is he?

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9. The Time He Hugged Kylo Ren

“The Force Awakens” presents an aged Solo as a man changed. His cynicism has given way to reliable heroism. His loner nature has given way to family. He’s faces that which he once shunned: the Force. Watch as his confrontation with Kylo Ren brings Solo’s journey full circle.

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10. The Time He Knew All Along

All throughout “Empire Strikes Back” scruffy-looking, cargo-smuggling, blaster-slinging Han is trying to get the iron-willed Princess Leia to admit the one thing he’s known for some time. As things have reach their lowest point, with Darth Vader fulling having the upper hand and Solo being lowered into the carbonite chamber, Leia finally confesses her true love.

His response adds the final facet Han’s matrix of cool: He’s a badass romantic.

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