10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make in a Mug

BY GuruHub Squad
5 months ago

Microwave mug desserts have been one of the hottest food trends for their convenience and ease. We’ve seen single serving cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats transform right before our eyes within minutes. On the opposite side of the sweet spectrum, here are some savory recipes you didn’t know you could make in a mug.

Source: Dashing Dish
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1. Omelettes

Start your mornings off right with an omelet in a mug. Even though we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, most skip it because of the hassle. Mug omelets are good on the go and only take a few minutes in the microwave. If you prep the ingredients the night before it will be even easier in the AM.

Source: Bigger Bolder Baking
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2. Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza, but on a more important note who knew you could make pizza in a mug? When you’re too impatient to order delivery, you can make a pizza with simple ingredients in a matter of minutes— 6 to be exact.

Source: Bigger Bolder Baking
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3. Lasagna

Cut cooking time from 45 minutes for a traditional lasagna to 11 minutes in a mug. Saves you time and allows you to control your portion sizes, while still enjoying the delicious Italian dish.

Source: Bigger Bolder Baking
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4. Green Thai Curry

Get curry when you’re in a hurry, this mug recipe only takes 7 minutes and cures those Thai food cravings quicker than Postmates would deliver.

Source: Bigger Bolder Baking
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5. Mac & Cheese

Move over easy mac and forget those processed cheese noodles. Make your own mug mac with real wholesome cheese. Everyone’s favorite gooey treat can be customized with chives, bacon, or sour cream and made whenever your little cheese loving heart desires.

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6. Cheddar Biscuits

Get imitation Red Lobster biscuits in two minutes. Have the restaurant quality buttery biscuits in the comfort of your home, without the hassle of bugging the waiter to refill the bread basket every 5 minutes.

Source: Rad A Cutlery
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7. Meatloaf

What the mug?! Meat shaped into the form of bread is weird as is, but “mugloaf” takes the cake. Remake grandma’s questionable mix of meats in your favorite coffee container for a trip down memory lane.

Source: Healthy Bits & Nibbles
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8. Egg Fried Rice

Transform leftover boring rice into a stir-fried masterpiece. Add an egg, a couple of spices, and some mixed veggies all in your favorite mug to jazz up plain rice.

Source: Health
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9. Coconut Shrimp

Like a wise man once said in the movie Forest Gump, “shrimp is the fruit of the sea.”  You can make it in so many different ways you can make a chain restaurant all about it, but they didn’t mention that you can make shrimp in a mug. Health has taken the high-calorie meal and put their own microwavable and healthy twist on it.

Source: Penny Hoarder
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10. Tacos

Take Tuesday’s to a new level, have a taco mug in one hand and a margarita in another. The base layer of crunchy tortilla chips can be topped with all your favorite taco fixing from meat, beans, and cheese. The best thing about them is you can convenience of how fast you can make a taco if you don’t know if you feel like eating two or twenty that day!


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