10 Quick Tips to Manage Your Mental Health

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5 months ago
Mental Health Tips

Mental health has become a major topic in the past year, and rightfully so. A healthy mind leads to a healthy life. Your thoughts are quite literally soul food and how you think about yourself can change how you view the world, your mood, and your interactions with others. And while we all want to be less critical of ourselves, to be more positive, and just to have less anxiety, it can be easier said than done, so we put together a quick list of tips to keep your mental health balanced and to live your best life!

Tip 1: Inhale & Exhale
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Tip 1: Inhale and Exhale

We know, we know, it’s so simple, but sometimes just a few deep breaths in and a few deep breaths out are enough to calm you down and just push the reset button on the day. And if you have longer you can always try meditating! There are so many apps that will walk you through a guided meditation, and Headspace even has a few sessions labeled “SOS” and “emergency” when you are feeling more overwhelmed and anxious than usual.

Tip 2: Do What You Love
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Tip 2: Do What You Love

There is nothing that will put you in a positive mood or change your day around than doing something that you love. Whether it is an exercise class or drawing or read a good book, put yourself first and whatever you like to do, do it!

Tip 3: Write It Down
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Tip 3: Write it Down!

Keep a journal, and write about it all. Every feeling, every experience, every memory, good or bad. Keeping a journal will help you keep things in perspective because you can look back and read about other times that you have felt low or went through hardships and how you handled it.

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Tip 4: Laugh The Day Away

Sometimes the best thing for your mental health is just hanging out with those that know you best and even if they don’t know or don’t understand what you are going through just their presence might help change your mood. Plus, a good belly laugh is said to be the cure for almost anything.

Tip 5: Change of Scenery
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Tip 5: Change of Scenery

This tip can be a bit expensive, but often to get a different perspective on a situation it helps to have a change of scenery, whether that involves a weekend getaway or just a drive to a neighboring city it could help to be a tourist again. When you are a tourist, you are learning and exploring and using a child-like mentality, which allows you to look at life easier.

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Tip 6: Catch Up on Zzzz’s

Life can get busy and sometimes that means we are left living off of coffee and 5 hours sleep a night, hey, you have to hustle! While that’s fine now and then, sometimes it is worth listening to your body, and instead of drinking a cup of coffee at 6 pm to freelance maybe just put on your PJs, binge watch your favorite Netflix show and call it an early night by 9 pm. There is nothing better for your mental than waking up refreshed after a good 8-hours of sleep or even taking a power nap when needed! No shame in the nap game.

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Tip 7: Eat Your Favorite Meal

You know the meal that your mom made when it was your birthday, the food that brings back memories and even just the smell of it cooking lightens your mood and brightens the environment. Or if you don’t have a favorite meal or don’t know how to cook maybe just go to your favorite restaurant and treat yourself to your favorite thing on the menu whether it’s dinner or dessert, indulge! And don’t be afraid to ask for seconds or order more.

3. A Good Boy
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Tip 8: Pet Cuddles

The best things about pets are their undoubted love and devotion. Whether they intuitively understand what is going on or not it is guaranteed if you aren’t feeling well, mentally or physically, your pet won’t leave your side. Plus, they love having someone to cuddle with as much as you like them being there. Your pet will never judge you, maybe a few cats will pass a side eye after you text him back for the 15th time after you swore you would stop, but it all comes from love. If you don’t have a pet of your own you can always go volunteer at your local shelter the pets there are always looking for some extra love while they wait for their forever home.

Tip 9: Vitamins!
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Tip 9: Vitamins!

Ok, maybe it’s a placebo, but taking Vitamin b12 is said to increase your energy levels, and Vitamin D is said to help prevent depression, but if it works and makes you feel better why not take vitamins every morning? If you think you might be deficient in either vitamin, you can always go to your general practitioner and get a blood test to tell and hear their recommendations!

Tip 10
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Tip 10: Be Softer on Yourself

Blame it on social media or just how we all are as humans, but we are often our own harshest critics. While it is natural too always want to better yourself and to be improving, it is important to be soft and to give yourself some slack now and then. A good way to know if you are too hard on yourself is to take a step back and think if someone else was saying to you what you are thinking about yourself would you still be their friend? And when that happens, and you realize you are too hard on yourself just take a step back and remember all the things that you do well or what you love about yourself or any of the nine steps above!


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