10 LA Ice Cream Spots for the ‘Gram

BY GuruHub Squad
5 months ago
Ice Cream Hero
Source: Pexels / Calebe Miranda

I scream, you scream, we all scream for (Insta pics of our) ICE CREAM!

Los Angeles, Califonira is heaven for foodies and dessert enthusiast everywhere. Each day there is a new innovative and gimmicky dessert place to try— and we are here for it! Get your Instagram’s ready, because these specialty ice cream shops will boost your social media and have your followers wanting more.

Little Damage
Source: Instagram / @LITTLE.DAMAGE
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1. Little Damage

The inner Emo in all of us is screaming! Little Damage is taking “all black everything” to the next level. Their cones are hand rolled and made with activated charcoal to create the perfect pair for your dark dessert. Plus activated charcoal has tons of health benefits like teeth whitening properties, toxin removal, and helps with digestion. That balances out the fact you’re eating ice cream right?

The family-owned business prides themselves on providing unique flavors made in small batches from locally sourced organic ingredients. Now, what can get more LA than that?!

700 S Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA

Somisomi - Los Angeles, CA
Source: Instagram / @SOMISOMIICECREAM
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2. Somisomi

Somisomi creates their ice cream interpretation of Japanese red bean bun, Taiyaki. Taiyaki, or “Ah-Boong” in Korean, is soft serve ice cream and filing in a handcrafted to-order waffle cone shaped like a fish.

You start with your choice of Nutella, custard, or traditional red bean to fill the tail. Next, you get to choose between milk, ube, matcha, and black sesame flavored soft serve— or a swirl of two flavors if that tickles your ice cream fancy. Last but certainly not least, you get to finish it off with a selection of toppings to add that extra OOMF to your Insta pics.

621 S Western Avenue Suite 208-A

Los Angeles, CA

Source: Instagram / @GRESESCENT
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3. Gresescent

Who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can have a bouquet of ice cream! Grescent, (gres-uh-suh-nt) as they pronounce, describe their ice cream as “delightfully thick, creamy, and vanishingly dense.”

The best part is you get to choose from Gresescent’s 25 magical flavors to create the perfect bundle of mini ice cream balls all wrapped up in a maple waffle cone.

850 S Street

Los Angeles, CA

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar
Source: Instagram / @SADWAFFLES
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4. Bumsan Organic Milk Bar

Sweet, simple, and made from “100% organic USDA certified, non-GMO, antibiotic-free dairy products.” Bumsan’s pink wall makes the perfect spot for a treat to beat the LA heat and an impromptu photo shoot.

534 S Western Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

Churro Burro
Source: Instagram / @CARBZOMBIE
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5. Churro Borough

Sometimes your timeline just needs to have your ice cream sandwiched between two churro buns! Churro Borough’s flagship location in Los Feliz handcrafts each sandwich fresh to order for a perfect bite of warm cinnamon sugar and cold ice cream. Founder, Sylvia Yoo, took her love for amusement park churros and fused them with a passion for creating unique ice cream flavors.

Their menu has rotating seasonal flavors, but the classics that are available year-round includes: vanilla custard, Spanish latte, spicy hot chocolate, matcha green teach, and horchata sorbet. They even offer the delectable Spanish pastries in fry and bit forms, perfect for sharing!

1726 N Vermont Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

Caudron Ice Cream
Source: Instagram / @NOTWITHOUTCOFFEE
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6. Cauldron Ice Cream

Home to the “OG Puffle” cone!

Cauldron Ice Cream originated just South, in Santa Ana, and has finally made their way to LA county. Their ice cream is made with liquid nitrogen and frozen to order. You can request for your ice cream to be scooped into the shape of a rose and will definitely bump up your like to follower ratio!

204 N Brand Avenue


LA County

Holy Roly
Source: Instagram / @HOLYROLYICECREAM
7 / 10

7. Holy Roly

Holy Roly is LA’s first rolled ice cream boutique. Their organic handcrafted rolled ice cream takes inspiration from street vendors in Thailand and brings them to sunny SoCal. Don’t forget to top off your rolls with an assortment of cookies, candies, and syrups to tantalize your followers taste buds!

3450 W 6th Street Suite 109A

Los Angeles, CA

Jenis Splendid Ice Cream
Source: Instagram / @JENISICECREAM
8 / 10

8. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Founder, Jeni Britton Bauer’s mission is to bring together people around their delectable and smooth ice cream. The base starts with a buttercream base and is blended with “bright and clean flavors.”  They make their ice cream with locally sourced ingredients, and ZERO synthetic dyes, flavorings, or pre-made mixes.

All of the shops throughout the LA metropolitan area, have the same cozy and inviting atmosphere— perfect to feel comfortable taking selfies with your ice cream.

1954 Hillhurst Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

Salt & Straw
Source: Instagram / @SALTANDSTRAW
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9. Salt & Straw

Co-founders Kim and Tyler, bring LA some of the quirkiest and tastiest flavors the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Fan favorites include avocado and Oaxacan chocolate fudge, black olive brittle and goat cheese, and honey lavender.

829 E 3rd Street

Los Angeles, CA

Drips & Swirls
Source: Instagram / @DRIPS.SWIRLS
10 / 10

10. Drips & Swirls

Now what can be better than ice cream?


Drips & Swirls is LA’s coffee and ice cream joint, and they know everything doesn’t need a gimmick. It may help, but their soft serve and coffee outshine it all. Their ice cream contains zero fillers, binders, dairy powders, and “absolutely no gimmicks.” Everything to fit the LA lifestyle!

3076 W 8th Street

Los Angeles, CA


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