10 Items to Help You Celebrate National Rosé Day

BY GuruHub Squad
1 month ago
National Rosé Day Featured Image
Source: Unsplash / John Canelis

Yes way Rosé, you heard us right it is National Rosé Day on June 9! Luckily, it falls on a Saturday so you don’t have to worry about being wine hungover on a weekday. Here are our 10 GuruHub favorite products to help you commemorate our favorite pink wine!

1. “Rosé All Day” Tee
Source: Etsy / Weekendz Only Apparel
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1. “Rosé All Day” Tee

Celebrate this wonderous wine occasion in Etsy seller Weekendz Only Apparel screen printed “Rosé All Day” t-shirt. They always say put out into the universe what you want and there’s no better way to say it than on a shirt. Plus they also sell a “Rosé Cleanse” tee and tank if you wanted to get a couple for the whole squad!

2. Rosé Pool Float
Source: Target / Big Mouth Toys
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2. Rosé Pool Float

June… the beginning of summer and National Rosé Day! What could be better than lounging in the pool with a wine glass in your hand? Target carries the Big Mouth Toys rosé pool float for only USD 25 to get you geared up the National Rosé Day pool party.

3. Rosé Iced Tea
Source: Amazon / The Republic of Tea
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3. Rosé Iced Tea

Now you won’t be frowned upon on drinking “Rosé” before 5 o’clock! You can curb the craving for it with Rosé flavored tea until it’s socially acceptable to have a drink… but in all serious you do you! This Sonoma tea is different than any other because it is made with actual grape skins from Sonoma, California instead of the normal tea leaves.

4. Wine Lip Tint
Source: Amazon / BB Cosmetics
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4. Wine Lip Tint

Not only will Rosé hit your lips, but let it paint your lips too with this Wine Lip Tint by BB Cosmetic in the color “Rosé.” We love how cute the packaging mimics a teeny tiny wine bottle!

5. Frozé
Source: Bon Appetit
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5. Frozé

What is this Frozé we speak of? Just imagine a blended margarita… but rosé. It doesn’t hit you as hard as a margarita, but the same concept of an adult slushi. Check out Bon Appetit’s recipe for homemade Frozé so you can be the star of the next backyard BBQ or dinner party!

6. Harper + Ari Rosé Exfoliating Sugar Cubes
Source: Urban Outfitters / Harper + Ari
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6. Rosé Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

At the end of your long Rosé filled day treat yourself even more with a nice Rosé exfoliant! Urban Outfitters carries Harper + Ari beauty products that are both aesthetically pleasing packaging and use trendy ingredients. Plus this product is “paraben, sulfate and cruelty-free” so it’s good for your skin and the environment.

7. Rosé Eyeshadow Pallet
Source: BH Cosmetics
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7. Rosé Eyeshadow Pallete

BH Cosmetics, the affordable Los Angeles based cosmetics company, has an eyeshadow in the color “Rosé” perfect for this national holiday. You almost have a full face of makeup with this pallete and the lip tint in #4.

8. Rosé Body Lotion
Source: Amazon
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8. Rosé Body Lotion

The Champagne Rosé Body Lotion from Bath & Body Works was a sought-after limited edition product for its delicate scent. But if you missed on its original sale in stores there are resellers on Amazon and eBay, but it’s probably twice the retail price.

10. Rosé Vodka
Source: Hangar 1
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9. Rosé Vodka

If you’re looking for something to get you there a little quicker than wine, but still want the Rosé taste Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka is just what your party needs. You get the best of both worlds the alcohol percentage and the delicious taste of Rosé!

15. Rosé Enamel Badge
Source: Etsy / OctarineDreams
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10. Rosé Enamel Badge

Celebrate subtly by decorating your bag, backpack or denim jacket with this adorable rosé enamel badge from the Etsy seller OctarineDreams. These pins make for a great gift for wine lovers and are super special because they are handmade by the seller. Plus if you buy one you’re supporting a small business, go you!

Leave us comments below about how you’re celebrating National Rosé Day.