Heart Shaped Foods That’ll Steal Your Lover’s Heart

BY GuruHub Squad
5 months ago

The best way to your partner’s heart is through their stomach so make it a double whammy with foods IN THE SHAPE OF HEART!

Check out some of these crazy heart-shaped foods that’ll surely make for a romantic gesture:

Source: She Knows
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1. Pancake Hearts

Start day off with a bang— and maybe breakfast in bed too! Use a cookie cutter to mold your pancakes or get artsy with it and free hand the hearts yourself. It’s honestly the thought and effort from your heart you put into the heart pancakes that they’ll appreciate.

Source: Good House Keeping
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2. Egg in Hole Heart

Say “you complete me” with a cute twist on the traditional egg in a hole brekkie. Add your favorite seasonings to give it the fancy restaurant feel. Serve with fruits and sliced avocado to make it a full meal.

Source: The Paper Mama
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3. Bacon Hearts

Don’t go BACON my heart! The ultimate side and now the crowning jewel on your romantic breakfast. The simple transformation of any regular slice of bacon can add a dash of romance to your morning meal.

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4. Watermelon Heart

Giving “a piece of my heart” a whole new meaning. The watermelon heart is a modern marvel in farming technology. A mold is used to shape the young watermelon through maturity to create a perfect heart and perfect for those who are on a diet!

Source: Tumblr / Devilduck
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5. Steak Heart

Give your lover your bleeding heart— and by bleeding, we mean medium rare steak shaped in a heart. Make dinner more enjoyable with a nice cut of beef shaped like a heart to show your love, with a side of potatoes and carrots to pair of course!

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6. Potato Hearts

You can’t have a heart-shaped steak without heart-shaped potatoes. These tasty little love bugs will add a romantic roast to your dinner.

Source: Holly's Helpings
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7. Sushi Hearts

Surprise you partner with a bento box of heart-shaped sushi! If none of your local sushi spots are offer heart-shaped hand rolls, you better start practicing making your sushi skills.

Source: Montana Roue
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8. Hot Dog Hearts

Tell your significant other that you love them with your wiener. (Hot dog wiener you weirdo). Slice the sausage evenly down the middle and fold it so the skin is pointed toward the middle, you might have to fasten the ends with a toothpick while cooking to keep the anatomy. For an extra bit of fun you can fry the egg in the center of the heart to make it a breakfast concoction or melt some cheese in the middle.

Source: Trip Advisor / Heart Burger, Spain
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9. Burger Hearts

For those of you who aren’t very keen on dropping hundreds of dollars on a fancy meal, the heart-shaped burger is just what you’re looking for a cheap and easy date night. If you can’t find a place that serves this romantic delicacy, it’s easy to recreate by trimming the buns and using your choice of ground turkey or beef to hand shape the patty.

Source: Super Golden Bakers
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10. Churro Hearts

🎶Pour some (cinnamon) sugar on me🎶

Finish your romantic day full of heart-shaped foods with a sweet treat covered in cinnamon-y sugary goodness. Dip your churro heart and theirs in chocolate or fruit syrups, to get that extra sugar rush!

Leave us comments about which one was your favorite heart shaped food.