10 Fashion Tips For Men

BY GuruHub Squad
4 weeks ago
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Generally, the male wardrobe usually consists of clothes that date back to their middle school days. There are the select few fashion forward men out there, but we aren’t talking to them. These fashion tips are for those out there who haven’t detoxed or updated their closet in years. They’re for those who feel like they are in the same routine of outfits and feel “blah” about their style.

Here are our 10 fashion tips to help you gain confidence and find your own unique style:

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1. Versatile & Staple Pieces

Like building a house, you need a strong foundation to build your closet around. You’ll need high quality and long lasting items that you can mix and match to create new outfits. That means you’ll need to kiss H&M and the Forever 21 Mens sections goodbye. Those two are good examples for fast fashion pieces but they will more than likely be out of style or useless in the next year. Think about investing in a good pair of light wash or black jeans from Levi’s or J. Crew and maybe a leather jacket that can be style with most clothing combos.

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2. Make Sure it Fits

This may seem obvious, but it’s often the most overlooked. How many times have you seen, or been that person, that has the bum sticking out of their pants. For the most part it gives off the sense that you don’t care about your fashion, but with a belt (that matches your shoes) you can easily solve that!

Making sure it fits can also mean the colors you choose in your wardrobe. Make sure the colors compliment your skin tone and other components of an outfit. Clashing colors will make you stand out and not for good reason.

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3. Find Inspo

Look for fashion inspiration in magazine, at streetwear, Instagram, fashion shows, hell even on Pinterest. Be part of the small percentage of dudes that Pinterest and create your own private board, for your eyes only. You can keep a collection of outfit ideas to look out for next time you’re shopping.

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4. Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

Believe it or not your backpack is an accessory. It functions as way to carry your sh*t and as a way to make or break a killer outfit. You can also start slowly with accessories with minimalist jewelry and watches that subtly dress up an outfit. Once you’re comfortable you can start to experiment with bold brimmed hats or ascots.

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5. Investment Pieces

As you get older, time becomes more valuable than ever and fast fashion isn’t even on our radars. It’s time to start thinking about investing in some high quality pieces that will withstand the ever changing tides. Think about a pair of high quality loafers or boots that will last you for years. In the long run it’ll save you money, because you won’t be buying a new pair of shoes every couple months.

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6. Buy a Belt

If you can’t find jeans that fit you perfectly or you lost a couple pounds, USE A BELT. Keeping your pants where they’re supposed to shows that you care about how you present yourself and showing that you care is sexy. But make sure that your belt matches your shoes!

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7. Avoid Large Graphics

Don’t purge your wardrobe of graphic tees completely, but know the time in place to wear them. Graphic tees give off the vibe a childish vibe, but you can style them strategically. It will take practice to master the art of the graphic prints, so avoid them or just start with a small.

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8. Know Your Strengths

Dress to complement your best features, you know yourself the best so capitalize on your assets. Highlight the areas you feel most confident  ike if you enjoy the build of your torso try more fitted shirts or use colors.

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9. Manscape

Take this as you see fit. Your physical looks make a difference style. It will dictate and complement your choice in clothing. The rugged look is in, but when people say that they mean the clean and well groomed type of rugged. Putting in a little extra effort into your hygiene and grooming is key to pulling together an polished outfit. You could have a sharp suit on but if your fair is a nest or your beard is unkept then the whole ensemble won’t flow.

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10. Be Ballsy

You have them in your pants, now show us them. (Through your wardrobe of course) Integrate prints and patterns first, to dip your toe into making a fashion statement. Maybe start with your socks and branch out from there. It’ll ease your way into trying new things with your wardrobe like unusual shirt cuts or different washes of jeans.

At the end of the day, you dictate what direction your fashion journey is going to go and how fast you’re going to get there. Be as bold as you want to be as long as you’re comfortable with that you’re wearing then that’s your brand and own it!

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